Voicemail and Text Swipe File for Lactation Private Practice

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Having standardized responses for the various inquiries you'll receive in you private practice means that you won't stumble or struggle to find the right words. And while you're encouraged to develop and think through all kinds of specific scenarios as you create your Policies and Procedures Manual, it can be relatively simple and extremely effective for your productivity to come up with a voicemail greeting or auto-text for vacation.

The Phone, Voicemail and Text Swipe File: Professional Scripting for Professional Communications is a list of generic responses that you can customize to suit your individual needs. It's not a substitution for a full-on P&P Manual, but it'll serve to get your basic practices streamlined and partially automated.

These scripts integrate well with autotext solutions, such as my beloved PhraseExpress. How are you making your own life easier? Share in the Facebook group where you can give and get support to make your private practice sustainable and enjoyable.

About the Author

Annie Frisbie, MA, IBCLC is the creator of the Lactation Consultant Private Practice Toolkit, a collection of books, resources, legal forms, training manuals, and workbooks aimed at helping private practice lactation consultants build a private practice that’s ethical, profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable.