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Virtual Consult Best Practices for Lactation Consultants (Updated April 2021)

While most clinicians can agree that nothing can replace an in-person lactation consult with a family in need of help feeding their baby, virtual consults are becoming more and more popular as a way to make services more accessible. In order to meet your ethical obligations and stay within your scope of practice as an IBCLC or other lactation credential, you’ll want to keep some key factors in mind.

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Is a paperless lactation practice right for me?

Every IBCLC is going to incorporate some tech into their private practice infrastructure. Unless you are only using a landline, paper forms, and a physically locked cabinet, you are naturally going to be implementing some digital and/or cloud-based systems. Email is paperless, and so is an internet phone line.

It is possible to have a completely paperless workflow in your private practice. That means that from the moment you make first contact with a client through sending them their care plans, no physical paper is ever used or generated.

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Charting tips and strategies for Lactation Consultants [PODCAST]

Documenting what happens at a lactation consult is super important for so many reasons, but figuring out just want to say and how to say it can be challenging. In this episode, Annie and Leah will explain their approaches to charting and offer you tips and strategies for making this critical task less overwhelming. Whether you’re paperless or love your clipboard and folders, this episode will help you streamline your charting workflow and feel confident in your documentation.

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Charting the breastfeeding/chestfeeding dyad: to separate or combine?

Lactation visits are unique in healthcare because most of the time we’re working with a parent and their baby (or babies). That’s why in my book on private practice I compare our work to couples therapy. Our job is to bring two people together, and these two people may have very different times.

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Using Acuity to Chart Lactation Visits

It’s no secret that I just love Acuity Scheduling. Once I started taking appointments online instead of scheduling them myself, I freed up a lot of extra time for myself and I never looked back. I’ve tried several different schedulers and while the ones built into Jane and ChARM also work well, none of them are as robust as Acuity.