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Prenatal Visits [PODCAST]

Today’s episode of Lactation Business Coaching with Annie and Leah is called “Prenatal Visits”. They talk about their thoughts on prenatal visits, how to logistically try and make them work for you, and how they can set a solid foundation for you and your client before the baby even arrives. We also find out why prenatals aren’t Annie’s favorite, but recognize that we don’t need to feel the pressure to offer every service in our business.

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Incorporating Lactation Interns, Subcontractors, and Employees into a Paperless Workflow

Managing client privacy and confidentiality is relatively straightforward when you’re a solo practitioner. You only have yourself to worry about. But once you start working with other people in your private practice, you’re going to need to institute policies and procedures to make sure that everyone connected with your practice is maintaining the same high standards that you have for yourself. Here are some basic steps you can take to insure privacy compliance.