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Growing Your Lactation Practice by Hiring Help [PODCAST]

Many lactation consultants are used to working solo, and it can be hard to surrender certain aspects of your private practice to others. When you wear many hats, like most private practitioners, it can be hard to recognize when you need to delegate a task to someone else who has more time or expertise in the area.

But if you’re spending too much energy on tasks that you’re not proficient in or passionate about and they take you away from the clinical work you love, it may be time to bring on people who can share the workload.

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Round Up: COVID-19 Resources For Outpatient And Private Practice Clinical Lactation Care (Updated July 2021)

As recommendations are rapidly coming out and changing as the COVID-19 pandemic develops, lactation consultants in private practice and outpatient settings need access to best practices and evidence-based recommendations. Disclaimer: Nothing in this blog post can be taken as medical, clinical, legal, or financial advice.

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Sparking Joy with a Private Practice Cleanout [PODCAST]

‘Sparking joy’ became a nationwide sensation after clutter consultant Marie Kondo’s show Tidying Up landed on Netflix in 2019. Her de-cluttering KonMari method is based on the idea that you should throw away anything that doesn’t bring you joy —and this method isn’t just for effective for de-cluttering your home, but your private practice workflow as well!

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Supporting Self Care and Boundaries in Your Practice [PODCAST]

Life is stressful enough. As our audience knows, life as a business owner is even more stressful. But dealing with life as a business owner while in the middle of a pandemic? You need to have a strong commitment to self care in order to keep yourself healthy, balanced, and happy. While many people think of self care as spa days or long yoga classes, effective self care doesn’t have to take up an entire afternoon or cost you any money. There are many small things that you can fit into your schedule each day to maintain a healthy balance and keep you calm and centered.

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Ask the Expert: Intentional Time Off with Brandie Mitchell RN, NC-BC [PODCAST]

On a scale of 1 to 10, how balanced is your lifestyle?

Holistic Nurse Coach Brandie Mitchell is back on the show to chat about something that affects all business owners — the need for intentional rest.

Small business owners are at especially high risk for burnout, as we often take on multiple roles and feel we need to be driving our businesses forward all the time. But constant productivity actually hurts us in the long run. When we reach the point of burnout, we no longer perform at our best, and it can take weeks (or longer!) to fully recover.