Even Lactation Consultants Need a Vacation [PODCAST]

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Lactation consultants are especially prone to burnout because our work is so intense. It can be hard to disconnect from your clients and from your business, but it’s essential to recognize the importance of taking regular breaks. In this episode of the Lactation Business Coaching Podcast, Leah and Annie offer practical steps to take when you’re prepping for your vacation.

Show Notes

  • Burnout is real. It’s just not physically or emotionally possible to work without taking regular breaks.

  • Our work is hard. We’re always thinking about our clients and it can be hard to turn that off.

  • Our clients’ problems can drain our energy. When situations are complex, or when we’re faced with the same kinds of issues over and over again, it can wear us out.

  • Scared that your business will die. Your private practice is not a shark, it doesn’t have to keep moving to live.

  • How to set your practice up for a break. From organizing your tech to managing your communications, learn specific steps to take to take the break you need.


  • “Why do lactation consultants need a vacation? Because the work that we do is hard.”

  • “Burnout affects the families that we’re caring for.”

  • “What do you really need to do to center yourself?”


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Leah Jolly is a private practice IBCLC with Bay Area Breastfeeding in Houston, Texas. Annie Frisbie is a private practice IBCLC serving Queens and Brooklyn in New York City, and the creator of the Lactation Consultant Private Practice Toolkit.

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