Round Up: COVID-19 Resources For Outpatient And Private Practice Clinical Lactation Care (Updated July 2021)

Bolded updates below: Dr. Hope Lima’s free CERP training + new CDC guidelines reflecting impact of vaccination status.

As recommendations are rapidly coming out and changing as the COVID-19 pandemic develops, lactation consultants in private practice and outpatient settings need access to best practices and evidence-based recommendations. Disclaimer: Nothing in this blog post can be taken as medical, clinical, legal, or financial advice.

As with any medical situation facing the pregnant or postpartum family, our recommendations as clinicians need to be based in the standards set by recognized public health and professional organizations both in and outside the lactation world.

Keep reading for tons of free resources, including screening tools, supply lists, and more.

Guidelines for In-Person Lactation Care

The CDC issued “considerations for lactation services” that include specific guidance for in-person lactation care.

Here’s a summary for management of home visits:

  • Screen for exposure and symptoms prior to the visit

  • Require masks for everyone ages 2 and up where any household members are not vaccinated, or the household’s COVID-19 vaccination status is unknown

  • Stay 6 feet away except when providing hands-on care

  • Wear gloves and sanitize hands and surfaces thoroughly

  • If anyone is potentially or actually positive for COVID-19, follow CDC guidelines for infection control

General recommendations for healthcare providers

This round up is for readers in English-speaking countries so you can find updated clinical guidelines from your governmental health organizations.

Lactation-specific clinical recommendations

Free trainings

Resources to share with families

Resources for in-person visits

Additional Resources

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