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Creating Client-Friendly Resources for your Lactation Blog

Are you a writer with a passion for communicating clinical topics to parents? If so, then there is a HUGE need for articles that private practice lactation consultants can use to amplify their care plans and lead their clients to self-efficacy. In order to create articles that make other lactation consultants swoon and lead to improved health outcomes, consider these simple tips and be sure to post a link to your article in the comments. You may just end up in my Resource Collection!

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How to write an infant feeding or lactation protocol

Developing your protocols is one of the most important things you’ll do as an IBCLC. Protocols can’t be bought or taken from someone else—that kind of shortcut could end up being harmful for your clients. By writing your own protocols, you take ownership over your own practice by implementing what you know into templates that can be modified, adapted, and adjusted to fit each individual clinical situation.

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How to Write an Effective Lactation Consult Care Plan

The care plan might be the most important document IBCLCs generate in our practices. Sure, our charts are essential for documenting what's going on with a dyad, and those superbills are critical for helping our clients fight for the reimbursement they're entitled to under the ACA. Pediatrician reports remind doctors that we are allied health professionals, part of a team working towards improving health outcomes through coordinated care.

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