IBCLC Recertification CERPs for Techniques

On demand CERPs in IBLCE Content Outline VI: Techniques  for IBCLC Recertification through continuing education

To recertify as an IBCLC using continuing education recognition points, you will be invited to take a self-assessment. This self-assessment will be scored immediately, and will tell you if you need to get a minimum of 5 of your CERPs from one or more of the 7 content areas on the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline.

All IBCLC Recertification CERPs for Techniques  are 1 CERP unless otherwise noted.

All of these IBCLC Recertification CERPs for Techniques  are available a la carte or in one of these bundles:

IBCLC Recertification CERPs for Techniques  include the following subject areas:

  • A. Transition to parenthood
  • B. Birth practices
  • C. Foods to eat/avoid that influence lactation
  • D. Employment – beginning or returning to work
  • E. Family lifestyle
  • F. Identifying support networks
  • G. Maternal mental health
  • H. Maternal psychological/cognitive issues
  • I. Breastfeeding dyad relationship
  • J. Safe sleep
  • K. Weaning
  • L. Cultural awareness

IBLCE does not require you to have CERPs in any specific subsection, just the main content area.

View CERPs in other content areas:

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