Charting a Course to Success

1.5 L-CERPs + 1.5 CEUs

Document your lactation consults effectively and efficiently

Chart like a pro for better lactation client care.

In this course, we’ll start with the whys of charting: what are the benefits for our patients, ourselves, the health system, and our care?

Once you understand why we chart, you’ll discover the understanding of what and how we chart flows naturally.

You’ll see how charting can improve your care for patients and help you arrive at the best assessment of how to help a family.

With that goal in mind, we’ll go over which parts of a chart are essential, which you can include only if they’re useful to you, and how your chart may evolve as your clinical expertise grows.

You’ll also learn how to use your charts to communicate effectively with colleagues – and how to read charts from other providers (including that confusing medical shorthand!).

🎉 BONUS! Charting Platform Walkthrough (based on this blog post) showing you different cloud-based charting platforms taught by Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC + a conversation with Annie & Rebecca on charting best practices.

Charting a Course to Success (1.5 L-CERPs + 1.5 CEUs)

This course helped me get a good foundation on creating continuity of care for my clients, 

Brittany Smith. IBCLC

Very helpful! I am an RN and this was still a good reminder on what to chart and why.

Caitlin O’Neill, RN, IBCLC


  • Identify 5 reasons accurate, thorough charting is important.
  • Compare 3 different standardized charting formats and explain the basics of each.
  • Explain the relationship between charting and the process of differential diagnosis.

No matter if you have done the charting or know the charting there is ALWAYS something to be learned!

KatieAnn J Mckee RN IBCLC

I feel confident in setting up my own charts and how to make them work for my business after this valuable course.  

Jessi Sletten, CLC, PMH-C

IBLCE Content Outline

  • VII. B. 3 Care plan development and sharing
  • VII. B. 4 Documentation
Charting a Course to Success (1.5 L-CERPs + 1.5 CEUs)

Meet Your Instructor

Rebecca Costello, MPH, IBCLC

Rebecca began her lactation journey with her undergraduate senior thesis, evaluating a WIC breastfeeding education program. After working as a doula and childbirth educator, she decided to pursue a Master’s in Public Health, in Maternal and Child Health, from the University of North Carolina.There, she was also in the first class of the Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative, a Pathway 2 IBCLC training program.

Following graduation, Rebecca worked full time as an IBCLC in a large academic hospital. She then became the Director of Lactation Services at a busy freestanding birth center, expanding the lactation services there to 30+ appointments/week. After making the move to a new state, she set up a private practice and continues to work with new families. Having encountering obstacles to becoming, and working as, an IBCLC, she loves offering education that allows other LCs to establish their practices.

“I grew up around medical charts – the background soundtrack of my childhood was my physician parents dictating patient notes over the phone. Maybe that’s why once I got into clinical practice, I found picking up the language and format of charting fairly easily. Still, like many IBCLCs, my formal education in charting was limited – I learned a lot just from watching my mentors and reading other people’s notes. When I became the Director of Lactation Services for a large outpatient lactation clinic, I suddenly had full responsibility for revising and updating charting for a department with multiple LCs. I was the one to oversee the transition from paper charts to electronic health records. That’s when I really dove into charting fundamentals! I oversaw multiple revisions of our charting both on paper and in EHR. Then when I went into private practice, I started all over again to find a system and format that worked well for a solo practitioner. I bring all those experiences and hard-won knowledge to this presentation!”

Rebecca Costello, MPH, IBCLC

This is an amazing course so far and I am so happy it was created!

Sierra Woods, RN, IBCLC

As someone who is not familiar with charting and digital charts, the information that was shared was easy to comprehend. It peaked my interest in different systems to digitally chart. 

Monet Kees
Charting a Course to Success (1.5 L-CERPs + 1.5 CEUs)