Building Relationships Through Communication

(6.5 CERPs + 6.5 CEUs + 6.5 CPEUs)

Improve your communications skills as a lactation consultant with techniques, insight, skills and practice with relationships at the center.

Communications skills for lactation consultants in private practice.

Communicating is the foundation of all we do as humans. Our relationships can be enhanced through awareness of concepts and practicing skills. This 6.5 hour session will take you on a journey of first understanding the fundamentals and then into a deep look at how your own self-awareness and how that lays the groundwork for your interactions with clients and colleagues.

πŸŽ‰ BONUS! 70+ page interactive workbook

Building Relationships Through Communication (4.75 R-CERPs + 1.75 L-CERPs + 6.5 CEUs)

This course helped me to reflect on my personal communication style and how that might influence my care for my clients. I will be able to use this information to improve my relationships with my clients, and that is invaluable. I 100% recommend this course!

Hope Lima, PhD, RDN, LRD, IBCLC

Jen’s course on communication will not only help you better communicate as a private practice IBCLC, it will help you communicate with every one around you with peace, empathy, and a greater understanding. 

Lauren Fisher, BSW, IBCLC, of Storge Lactation, LLC

Includes 5 modules

🌟 Foundations of Communication- Learn the essentials of communication methods to help build skills for running successful lactation business day to day and in unique situations.
🌟 Relationship with Self- In this section, we will look at the most important relationship that exists: the relationship with our self. Once we understand how we connect to ourselves, we can be more effective at communicating with others.
🌟 Relationships with Families-  The families we interact with daily rely on our technical skill, yet in many ways our communication skills have the longest lasting impact. In this section, we will focus on directly and indirectly communicating with breastfeeding parents, partners and babies.
🌟 Relationships with Colleagues-  For many of us in private practice, we work solo- yet our relationships with other lactation professionals and with other types of providers can take a lot of our focus. In this section, learn how to navigate sticky situations, how to express your concern about your client to another provider and how to work as a team.
🌟 Building Relationships: Putting it all Together-  Empowering families to reach their feeding goals can take skill and practice. When bringing all we learned together and practicing with intention, we can truly grow as people and as clinicians.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jen’s communication module. Not only was it clear and easy to follow along, the content really prompted me to dig deeper, without feeling on the defense. Which is how we should be with our clients. This is an amazing resource in a time where virtual consults are becoming the norm.

Nichelle Clark IBCLC, CBS (Instructor, Pumping IS Breastfeeding)

This course was by far the best module out of everything. Certain skills that I would not otherwise be able to out into words or necessarily teach were presented in a clear, concise, and creative way. It was very captivating. 

Brittany Smith, IBCLC

IBLCE Content Outline

  • V. 4 Employment – returning to work
  • V. 5 Family lifestyle
  • V. 6 Identifying support networks
  • V. 7 Maternal Mental Health
  • VII. A. 7 Communications Technology
  • VII. B. 1 Active Listening
  • VII. B. 3 Care Plan Creation
  • VII. B. 4 Documentation
  • VII. B. 5 Educating Families
  • VII. B. 8 Emotional Support
  • VII. B. 9 Empowerment
  • VII. C. 3 Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)
  • VII. C. 4 Principles of Confidentiality
  • VII. D. 3 Use research to help develop policies and protocols
Building Relationships Through Communication (4.75 R-CERPs + 1.75 L-CERPs + 6.5 CEUs)

Meet Your Instructor

Jen Deshaies IBCLC

After working as a transportation planner for 10 years, Jen knew she wanted to make a career change. Becoming a private practice IBCLC incorporated all of things she loved: teaching in small group settings, breastfeeding, helping families feel supported and get to a better place, birth, a passion for learning, focus on parenting and a flexible schedule to allow plenty of time to be home with her kids. 

The journey from helping friends breastfeed to becoming a (now retired) La Leche League Leader and a birth & postpartum doula gave her experience to create a business that brings her much joy. Jen lives in Syracuse, NY with her husband and two kids.

β€œOver the years I’ve received feedback from my clients that I present information in a way that builds a relationship with them while addressing their complex clinical needs. I believe there are many strategies that can help us as lactation consultants effectively get our message across when navigating challenging circumstances. Every interaction we have represents our self and our brand- join me in learning the techniques and concepts that will make a difference in your work–and your life!”

Building Relationships Through Communication (4.75 R-CERPs + 1.75 L-CERPs + 6.5 CEUs)