Corporate Lactation

1 L-CERP + 1 CEU

Partner with businesses to support breastfeeding/chestfeeding families in the workplace

Lactation classes in the workplace.

Partnering with corporations to support breastfeeding/chestfeeding families in the workplace can benefits the working parent, the corporation, the community and the IBCLC.

This session will cover communicating with corporations about the benefits of offering their employees lactation support, structuring an effective program, and maintain your the ethical obligations as an IBCLC.

We will also explore the ethical obligations of the IBCLC and how to provide clinical care in the corporate setting. 


  • Learn the many types of lactation support that can be provided in the corporate setting. 
  • Learn how to communicate with the corporation to market your program and collaborate on meeting the needs of the corporation and the families. 
  • Learn how to meet the ethical obligations of the IBCLC while providing excellent clinical care and lactation support in the corporate setting. 

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Corporate Lactation (1 L-CERP + 1 CEU)

I’m so grateful to have every resources I need available through Annie’s courses, this answered the questions I had in mind regarding corporate lactation and helps me know exactly where to start!

Brittany Smith. IBCLC

The speaker gave really great insight on the different settings to do lactation consulting.

Brittany R Smith, IBCLC

IBLCE Content Outline

  • V. 4 Returning to work
  • V. 6 Identifying support networks
  • VII. B. 10 Group Support
  • VII. C. 3 Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)
  • VII. C. 4 Principles of Confidentiality
  • VII. C. 5 WHO Code – advocacy and policy
  • VII. E. 1-4 Public health & advocacy (all)
Corporate Lactation (1 L-CERP + 1 CEU)

Meet Your Instructor

Leah Jolly, IBCLC

Leah Jolly, IBCLC is the owner of a thriving group practice in Houston, TX and runs a lactation clinic through a pediatric office. She presents regularly on breastfeeding and lactation to families and professionals, and facilitates corporate lactation programs for several large corporation in the Houston area. She is also the cohost of the Lactation Business Coaching podcast.

“I have facilitated successful corporate lactation programs for 2 large oil and gas companies for over 6 years. I have assisted with development and expansion within these programs.”

Leah Jolly, IBCLC
Corporate Lactation (1 L-CERP + 1 CEU)