Your Practice as a Brand

0.5 E-CERPs + 0.5 CEUs

Ethical Marketing Strategies for Growth

Reach your ideal client

Defining your brand when you’re in private practice means meeting a higher ethical standard than a regular consumer-facing business. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a brand that helps families get to know you and allowing you to be an advocate for breastfeeding/chestfeeding in your community.


  • Define branding
  • Explore the ethical implications for branding
  • Generate ideas to create your own ethical brand objectives

IBLCE Content Outline

  • VII. A. 7 Communications Technology
  • VII. A. 8 Website
  • VII. B. 9 Empowerment
  • VII. C. 3 Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)
  • VII. C. 4 Principles of Confidentiality
  • VII. C. 5 WHO Code – advocacy and policy
  • VII. E. 1-4 Public Health And Advocacy (all)
Expanding Your Lactation Private Practice Practice (2 E-CERPs + 2 CEUs)

Meet Your Instructors

Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC + Leah Jolly, IBCLC

Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC (she/her/hers) has been a lactation consultant in private practice in New York City since 2011 and is the creator of the Lactation Private Practice Essential Toolkit and the accompanying Lactation Private Practice Essential Course. In 2018 Annie was honored with the US Lactation Consultant Association’s President’s Award, “awarding those that demonstrate extraordinary service to the association and profession.”

Leah Jolly IBCLC (she/her/hers) has a thriving group practice in Houston, TX and runs a lactation clinic through a pediatric office. She presents regularly on breastfeeding and lactation to families and professionals, and has launched corporate lactation programs for several large companies in the Houston area.

Together they are co-hosts of the Lactation Business Coaching podcast.

Expanding Your Lactation Private Practice Practice (2 E-CERPs + 2 CEUs)