Clinical Complexities in
Lactation Private Practice

36 CERPs + 36 CEUs

Clinical Complexities in Private Practice

Turn lactation science, theory, and research into hands-on clinical strategies and expand the circle of care for families. 

21.5 L-CERPs | 8.5 R-CERPs | 6 E-CERPs

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Scholarships may be available for those identifying as  LGBTQ+ or BIPOC and/or who are residing and practicing in countries designated by the World Bank as Category B, C, or D.

Clinical Complexities: Milk Production & Supply

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Approved for 6.5 CERPs + 6.5 CEUs

  • Confident and Competent: Understanding and Managing Low Supply in Private Practice | Kristin Cavuto, MSW, LCSW, IBCLC
  • Investigating Recurrence of Plugged Ducts, Nipples Blebs, & Mastitis | Christine Staricka, BS, IBCLC, RLC, CE
  • Turn Up the Volume: Managing Supplementation | Rebecca Costello, IBCLC, MPH
  • Milk Transfer Assessment and Management Round Table | Kristin Cavuto, MSW, LCSW, IBCLC; Courtney L. Polk MSN, RN, IBCLC, and Rachel O’Brien, MA, IBCLC
  • Case Study: Horrendous Engorgement and Tremendous Commitment | Allison Walsh IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE
Clinical Complexities: Supply (LPPEC Track 5)

Clinical Complexities: Infant Development

Approved for 5.5 CERPs + 5.5 CPEUs

  • Interpreting Growth Charts in a Pediatric Population | Hope Lima PhD, RDN, IBCLC
  • Responsive Feeding and Parenting Through It All: Growth Spurts, Developmental Leaps, Distractibility, and More… | Allison Walsh IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE
  • Swaddles, Snoos, and sleep training | Shelly Taft, LPN, IBCLC, ISE
  • Teethers, Cruisers, Walkers, and Talkers: Supporting the Older Baby Dyad | Whitney N. Dula, CBS
  • AMA about bottle consults | Susan Howard, MSN, RN, IBCLC 
Clinical Complexities: Infant Development (LPPEC Track 5)

Clinical Complexities: The Hardest Cases

Approved for 6.5 CERPs + 6.5 CEUs

  • Cleft case study | Sarah Lester, IBCLC
  • Lessons Learned from Unusual Cases | Leah Jolly IBCLC
  • Recreational drug use in real life | Bryna Elisabeth Sampey, IBCLC
  • Reflux management: a team approach | Shondra Mattos, IBCLC
  • What is an Elimination Diet and When Should a Nursing Parent Try One? | Hope Lima PhD, RDN, IBCLC
Clinical Complexities: The Hardest Cases (LPPEC Track 5)

Clinical Complexities: Expanding the Circle of Care

Approved for 6 CERPs + 6 CEUs

Leah & Annie
  • Trans parenting is not a lifestyle | Bryna Elisabeth Sampey, IBCLC
  • Intuitive Nutrition: An approach to prevent disordered eating and promote full nourishment for postpartum parents | McKenzie Caldwell MPH, RDN
  • Intersectionality and Trauma Informed Care | Iya Mystique Faodugun MS, CCE, CLE
  • Nurture Your Business, Expand the Circle of Care | Annie Frisbie, MA, IBCLC
  • Deeper Dive into Nurturing Your Business with Lactation Business Coaching  | Leah Jolly IBCLC and Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC
Clinical Complexities: Maternal And Parental Health (LPPEC Track 5)

Clinical Complexities: Supporting Families

Approved for 6 CERPs+ 6 CPEUs

  • A New Normal: Lactation through Divorce and Custody | Kristin Cavuto MSW, LCSW, IBCLC
  • Building relationships through weaning | Jen Deshaies, IBCLC
  • Hospital to Home: Interventions to Independence | Courtney L. Polk MSN, RN, IBCLC
  • Multiples in real life | Aimbriel Lasley, MA, IBCLC
  • Supporting Families with Social Media | Whitney N. Dula, IBCLC, CBS
Clinical Complexities: Supporting Families (LPPEC Track 5)

Clinical Complexities: Ethical Private Practice

Approved for 5.5 CERPs + 5.5 CPEUs

  • On this little blue app: online group moderation tips and strategies | Nichelle Clark, IBCLC, CBS
  • 50 shades of gray: mandated reporting for the lactation consultant | Chanelle Andrews, IBCLC, CBS
  • IBLCE Code of Conduct: Applications for Private Practice | Allison Porter, JD CBS
  • Collaboration over Competition: Improving Health Outcomes by Working Together | Annie Frisbie, MA, IBCLC
  • AMA about diversification | Joy MacTavish, IBCLC, RLC, ICCE
Clinical Complexities: Ethics (LPPEC Track 5)
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