Home consult bags, office visit efficiency, and feeling like a know-nothing newbie: Listener Questions! (podcast)

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We’ve got more listener questions in this episode of the Lactation Business Coaching podcast. From what’s in our home consult bags to running an office visit when you don’t have all the time in the world, we’ll share what works and what doesn’t in our own private practices. And if you’re a new IBCLC wondering if you’re ready to launch your practice, we’ve got some special words just for you.

Key Takeaways

  • What’s in your bag? Leah and Annie literally unpack their consult bags

  • Time’s up: In the office, families have less time, so Leah has to be super efficient to make the most of it.

  • New in town: Leaping into private practice can feel intimidating when you feel like you know less than the other IBCLCs in your area. Building a community is the best remedy for professional insecurity.


  • “I don’t think any good clinician out there knows everything”

  • “We all started in the beginning and had to learn and grow”

  • “You can’t do this on your own, you need other people and other people need you”

Annie’s Tech Tip

  • When’s the last time you got your scale calibrated?

Leah’s Marketing Tip

  • Best practices for creating memes that promote your private practice

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Leah Jolly is a private practice IBCLC with Bay Area Breastfeeding in Houston, Texas. Annie Frisbie is a private practice IBCLC serving Queens and Brooklyn in New York City, and the creator of Paperless Lactation.

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Annie Frisbie, MA, IBCLC is the creator of the Lactation Consultant Private Practice Toolkit, a collection of books, resources, legal forms, training manuals, and workbooks aimed at helping private practice lactation consultants build a private practice that’s ethical, profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable.