What my clients & customers say...

I am so much more confident. As a brand new IBCLC, my focus for the past 3 years has been on the clinical aspects of lactation, rather than the business aspects of private practice. Even though I have a background in business and MBA, I had no idea where to even start. It was overwhelming! But the toolkit really broke everything down into manageable pieces and made me confident that I was prepared to venture out into the world of being in business for myself.
Dana Hilsenrath, IBCLC, Westchester Lactation
Annie is some kind of IBCLC fairy godmother. We are ridiculously lucky to have her as a colleague and champion and it is completely ludicrous to not purchase everything she offers! I appreciate that as an IBCLC yourself, you understand our needs so thoroughly. It was incredibly easy and stress-free to work with you.
Inna Henry, IBCLC
I feel confident that I have the tools that I need to run a successful practice. You are a delight to work with. Your personality and communication style allowed me to get the information I needed without feeling like I couldn’t or shouldn’t ask a question.
Nicole S Jenkins, BSN, RNC-NIC, IBCLC, Latch On Breastfeeding
You’ve saved me hours upon hours of research! This is my favorite private practice resource and I recommend the toolkit as a must have to all of my students, and new IBCLC’s I meet!
Chrisie Rosenthal, IBCLC
You have given me hope that this is, indeed, possible for my area and my skill level for PP! I really appreciated your open approach to what I was thinking about related to my business model, your clear boundaries in what i asked and what was your scope plus resources to access for my questions!

The fact that you actively practice what you preach regarding HIPAA, and BAA’s, as well as the well-rounded approach from your website, to your newsletter, to the FB group; to your services for other IBCLC’s means that you are gently guiding, always listening, and then researching for the best options to those who need the beginning to be more clear and less stressful!

As much as I receive glowing comments from families, you deserve much repeated high praise for the concepts that you have compiled and created to support others in their professional dreams! What a gift you have and share. Thank you, Annie!
Janet E. Colson IBCLC, Modern Lactation
Becoming a private practice IBCLC is a daunting and often overwhelming task— but Annie breaks down the entire process for you. From the nuts and bolts of starting a small business to the nitty gritty of what to do before, during, and after a home visit for lactation help, Annie holds your hand each step of the way. The world of lactation support is constantly changing, and this up-to-date, tech friendly manual saves you hundreds of hours of research and will position your business for success. Even seasoned private practice IBCLCs will learn from Annie as she discusses ways to publicize your business, improve your charting process, and set your social media policy. I’m confident this will be the best money you’ve ever spent on your lactation practice.
Rachel O’Brien IBCLC
I had a session with Annie Frisbie yesterday and I just want to say that whether you have been in private practice for a week or 20 years you NEED Annie! I have been in private practice for 13 years. TRUST me when I tell you that Annie can change your game in a way that will positively impact your business AND your personal life.

I think one of the most AMAZING things about Annie is that she is a remarkably GREAT, kind and effective LISTENER!!! She is wise, patient, kind and warm. If you have been on the fence, DO it. If you think you do NOT need it, DO it. If you think you can’t afford it (like I did), DO it. You can NOT afford to not do it.

I am looking forward to more sessions with Annie as I start to implement her great ideas. I have so much more clarity and for the first time in a LONG time I believe I CAN DO THIS!
Rebeca Four, IBCLC
I am so grateful to have found your resources and FB page. I bought the Toolkit a couple of weeks ago, and can’t put it down!! Thank you so much for creating this resource. I have been an IBCLC for more than 11 years and have always wanted to go into PP, but could never find the resources or confidence to do it. The Toolkit has finally helped me take my first steps. I am a NP as well as an IBCLC and have always wanted to go into PP. Life and circumstance have never afforded me the opportunity...until now. I never knew where to start, but now with your resources, my PP is a reality!

Thank you again!! You have filled a huge gap in the available resources to IBCLCs!
Rebecca Goff MSN, ARNP, IBCLC
I have been 100% satisfied with all of Annie’s resources. I have absolutely depended on her books, products, and experience in setting up my private practice. I can honestly say that I’m not sure I would HAVE a private practice without Annie!
Natalie Gates, IBCLC
With Paperless Private Practice, Annie has created an incredible resource to help IBCLCs be more efficient in private practice - and in life! By transitioning to paperless business practices, we can reduce the clutter that takes up space on our desks, in our file cabinets, and in our minds. There are so many practical and convenient technology tools that I had no idea existed before I read Annie’s book. Now I have a list of vetted resources and feel confident that I am protecting my client’s information as I integrate them into my business. I really love writing on paper, and it has been a leap for me to go paperless. The Toolkit has inspired me to take steps in a systematic way as Annie has given specific instructions and resources in order to make my growing business more productive. You won’t be disappointed- this book has something for everyone, no matter how much (or how little) technology you currently use.
Jen Deshaies | Syracuse Lactation
I am just starting out with my private IBCLC practice so this EBook came right on time and is SO comprehensive. I hired Annie for a 2 hour coaching session to go over the most important things together and it saved me a lot of time! Having someone sitting next to you explain everything, show you all charting options, Fax providers etc was tremendously helpful. The book alone is great but I also highly recommend Annie’s coaching services!
Stephanie Heintzeler IBCLC | The New York Doula
I’m feeling so much more confident about converting to a paperless practice! Today I met with Annie and it was so worth the time, effort and financial investment. I had been stalled for years at the paperless starting gate for fear that I was not tech savvy enough to let go of the handwritten forms. Thanks Annie for pointing out my options and helping me to set attainable goals. It feels like my ten year old practice has been unleashed and I’m finally out of the starting gate and in the race!
Kathy Waldow RN,IBCLC | Perpetua Lactation
This book answers so many questions and fills in all the gaps between the different systems I learned from my mentors. In reading the book I’m a bit overwhelmed because I’m in for a total system overhaul, but it’s totally necessary and the guide is well written and clear. :) I highly recommend reading this book!
Rachel King, IBCLC
I was amazed by how much information this book has about paperless method for IBCLC private practice including HIPPA compliance, file storage and online payments, and much more!
This online book covers everything you need to know in order for you to work more efficiently and less stressfully. If you would like to contribute more wise time to your each client, and also to your dear family, this book will help you tremendously. This is my bible!
Nikki Katsuki IBCLC | Vital Choice
If you’re looking for a way to go paperless, but want to make sure you tick off all the necessary boxes, then you NEED this book! It would have taken me countless hours to research and sift through all of the amazing information that is so wonderfully curated and presented!
Jacquelyn Ordner RN, IBCLC
As a Private Practice IBCLC, I am busy taking care of my clients. That sometimes means I don’t spend much time trying to optimize my business. With this guide, setting up ChARM was... a charm! Easy to follow step by step instructions. Easily saved me ten hours of frustration!
Trine Bradshaw IBCLC | Breast For Baby
Annie has so much great experience and knowledge to share! I recently purchased a coaching session with her and she was able to answer all my questions and even followed up with me to see how thing were going. There is so much information out there and there are so many different options. It can be overwhelming to sort through it all. Annie has all sorts of great resources to make that easier. I look forward to accessing more of these in the future!
Leah Segura IBCLC
I have been an IBCLC since 2009 and have had a private practice for 3 years. I was very wary of transitioning to an electronic charting system. But when I saw the support offered by Annie, I decided to take it on. I bought the relevant chapter of her book (ChARM) and scheduled an appointment with her over the phone. I knew I would need one on one help and it was invaluable. I got all my questions answered and though I still have a lot to learn, the whole daunting chart became smaller and more manageable as I spoke with Annie. She also had good tips in relating well to your client while utilizing devices to chart. Overall the consult was worth every penny!
Cathleen Walker, RN, IBCLC
I just had a 20 minute phone session with Annie. It was so helpful! I have done a ton of research on my own, but she has been able to help me make big leaps in my understanding and my plan. I won’t hesitate to schedule with her again for a private session, or purchase other products in the future.
Doria Thiele IBCLC