Lactation Private Practice: From Start to Strong

Lactation Private Practice: From Start to Strong

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Congratulations on becoming a lactation consultant! This comprehensive book will take you through everything you need to know and do to create the private practice that works for you.

Becoming a successful private practice lactation consultant is about so much more than your passion for helping families. You need a solid infrastructure, rock-solid practices, and confidence in your policies. 

This book will hold your hand from before you pass the exam through the day-to-day workflow of private practice, and on to ideas and inspirations to help you take your private practice to the next level. 

A Paperless Private Practice e-book. Use of “IBCLC” does not imply any official relationship with IBLCE.

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This book is the how-to that we all needed when we embarked upon this career journey! This book is easy to understand and enjoyable to read and offers excellent step by step advice and resources; regardless of whether you are just starting out or looking to enhance your already established practice! This is the book for you! Annie has clearly taken the time to research and present in a clear way the steps one needs to START to pass the IBCLC Boards.....all the way to thriving in a solo Private Practice! Your practice will be STRONG after reading this book! Annie’s consideration of and attention to her wording and inclusiveness of all parents and families that IBCLC’s work with is evident throughout her books. It is the modern day book for the modern day IBCLC!”
Stephanie Wagner, RN, IBCLC

Throughout the book, I’ve integrated up-to-date recommendations on technology and related issues, and use inclusive language and promote equity for families and within our profession. You’ve fallen in love with lactation work, now acquire the tools, training, and resources you need to organize your business, develop a client workflow, market your services, and navigate difficult situations so that you can cultivate a sustainable, enjoyable, and successful private practice. You’ll receive a .zip file with .epub and Kindle (.mobi) versions, and you can purchase an upgrade to receive a PDF version suitable for printing.

Start to Strong is a must read for any IBCLC starting a private practice! Annie Frisbie did an amazing job covering EVERY aspect of getting your business up and running and how to keep it going strong. I have been in private practice for 6 years and many of the topics covered took me years to figure out on my own! Start to Strong will give you a jump start and you’ll skip all the frustrating trial and error learning curves!! The additional resources referenced at the end of each chapter make this book invaluable! There were so helpful to me! Thank you so much for this amazing resource!
Leah Jolly, BA, IBCLC, RLC

What's Included:

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    • Clinical Skills

    • Business Skills


    • HIPAA Overview

    • Practice Setting

    • Setting Fees and Income Goals

    • Creating a Business Entity

    • Infrastructure

    • Publicity, Advertising, Networking

    • Social Media


    • Typical Client Workflow

    • Other Kinds of Lactation Visits

    • What to Do When Things Get Difficult


    • Collaboration

    • Expansion

    • Work for Hire

    • Professional Development

    • Advocacy


Becoming a private practice IBCLC is a daunting and often overwhelming task— but Annie breaks down the entire process for you. From the nuts and bolts of starting a small business to the nitty gritty of what to do before, during, and after a home visit for lactation help, Annie holds your hand each step of the way. The world of lactation support is constantly changing, and this up-to-date, tech friendly manual saves you hundreds of hours of research and will position your business for success. Even seasoned private practice IBCLCs will learn from Annie as she discusses ways to publicize your business, improve your charting process, and set your social media policy.  I’m confident this book will be the best money you’ve ever spent on your lactation practice.
Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC

Available inside the Lactation Private Practice Essential Toolkit

Lactation Private Practice Essential Toolkit

Running a Paperless Private Practice as an IBCLC requires more than just your awesome clinical skills. You need to wrap your brain around the business, legal, and technical side of things. The reality is that so many lactation consultants hit the ground running in their private practices without having a stable infrastructure in place first. And it’s not long before you’re not enjoying private practice the way you thought you would. 

You’ve come this far to become an IBCLC—you just need the tools to build your dream private practice.

A Paperless Private Practice e-product.

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