Website Policies

Website Policies


Does your website have a publicly posted Privacy Policy? What about Terms and Conditions—such as assuring visitors you won’t sell their data or explaining to them how cookies work? If you’re in the US, is your Notice of Privacy Practices publicly posted like it’s supposed to be?

Get everything you need for your website in a fully customizable, attorney-reviewed format, suitable for use with any website builder.

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Also bundled with the IBCLC Private Practice Essential Toolkit

Lactation Private Practice Essential Toolkit

Running a Paperless Private Practice as an IBCLC requires more than just your awesome clinical skills. You need to wrap your brain around the business, legal, and technical side of things. The reality is that so many lactation consultants hit the ground running in their private practices without having a stable infrastructure in place first. And it’s not long before you’re not enjoying private practice the way you thought you would. 

You’ve come this far to become an IBCLC—you just need the tools to build your dream private practice.

A Paperless Private Practice e-product.

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