Clinical Complexities in
Supplementing Babies

32 CERPs + CEUs

Because fed is just the beginning.

Online infant feeding and human lactation conference.

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The families we’re seeing have complicated needs.

They need a lactation consultant who is more than a cheerleader for exclusive breastfeeding–whatever that even means.

To meet their needs, you need to know all the things.

Bottles. Pumps. At breast supplementers. Chestfeeding. Nursing Aversion. Formula. Fortifiers. Dysphagia. Gut Health. Co-Nursing. The WHO Code.

These words shouldn’t be scary, but if you don’t have skills in these areas, you’re constantly going to come up short.

And when that happens, families walk away feeling unheard, unsupported, and unvalidated.

Most importantly, they don’t meet their feeding goals.

Inside Clinical Complexities in Supplementing Babies, you’ll get comprehensive training to become the kind of lactation consultant who can truly help everyone who comes your way.

Empty slogans don’t help anyone.

Skilled, compassionate, inclusive, collaborative, and goal centered care makes all the difference in the world.

Are you ready to do more than just “check the latch?”

When faced with the decision of where to spend my continuing education dollars, I could not have chosen better. Annie Frisbie’s Clinical Complexities in Private Practice (Fall, 2021) was a comprehensive and well-organized virtual conference. She has curated knowledgable, passionate, and diverse speakers in the field of lactation. I learned skills I didn’t even know I was lacking in. I can’t wait for the next Clinical Complexities conference!

Annmarie Hext, IBCLC

I feel like I was chatting with experienced colleagues and learned so much.

Rachel Supercinski, IBCLC

Scholarships may be available for those identifying as  LGBTQ+ or BIPOC and/or who are residing and practicing in countries designated by the World Bank as Category B, C, or D.

20 Trainings by Expert Instructors

Plus the exclusive bonuses – 1.5 additional cerps!

  • BONUS 1: Instant Access to Turn Up the Volume: Managing Supplementation (1.5 L-CERPs + 1.5 CEUs) taught by Rebecca Costello MPH, IBCLC

  • BONUS 2: Pumping is Breastfeeding (1.5 L-CERPs/CEUs) taught by Nichelle Clark, IBCLC

  • BONUS 3: Exclusive resources developed by the instructors so you can implement what you’re learning with families right away.

  • BONUS 4: Self study and implementation call in July

  • BONUS 5: Private podcast feed for listening on your favorite app

That’s 32 CERPs/CEUs!

I am grateful to Annie and all the other presenters for giving me the tools and confidence to practice better.

Alicia D. Farina, BA, RN, IBCLC

Meet The Instructors

Kristin Cavuto MSW, LCSW, IBCLC

Kristin Cavuto MSW, LCSW, IBCLC

Topic: Lactation Loss- Grieving the Expected Experience and Dyadic Mental Health

“I go to adult Harry Potter conferences”

Kristin (she/they) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (since 2003) and IBCLC (since 2010) in private practice in central NJ, as well as a LLL Leader (since 2008).  Her practice specialties are low supply, maternal and infant mental health, and the intersection of ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender in the care of the new family.  She has spoken on various lactation and mental health topics at LC in PP, the Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Association Conference, and for LLL of the Garden State, and is active in several online lactation communities.

She is the mother of two boys who nursed full term despite maternal IGT, and who are now 14 and 11. In her spare time, she attends adult Harry Potter conferences, where she speaks (and is writing a book on) sorting and parenting.  She is an anti racist and LGBT+ activist, and a Gryffindor.

Kristin has spoken for us on Mental Health First Aid, Low Supply, and Divorce and Custody.

I always learn so much from Kristin and appreciate how she challenge listeners to start with facing our biases on the topics she presents on.

Samantha Lavender IBCLC
Nichelle Clark, IBCLC
Nichelle Clark

Nichelle Clark, IBCLC

Topic: To infinity and beyond! Pumping past a year

“People think my dog is named ‘Dennis’ after ‘the Menace’, but it’s really Dennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Nichelle Clark (she/her) is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), wife, and mother of two residing in Chesapeake, Virginia. She is the owner of SonShine & Rainbows Lactation Services. Born and raised in Upper Marlboro, MD, Nichelle joined the United States Navy in 2010 and served honorably for 7.5 years. In 2020, she founded Black Breastfeeding 365, an organization that seeks to bridge the gap between Black Parents and the Lactation Professionals who serve them. When she’s not spending time with her husband and their 2 children, she serves as a United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA) Advisory Board Member. In her spare time, she admins multiple online support groups for People of Color, providing breastfeeding support and lactation education to her community. As an exclusive pumping mom herself, Nichelle is a champion for breastfeeding parents to write their own rules and breastfeed their way.

Nichelle last spoke for us on “Pumping Is Breastfeeding.”

The speaker was passionate and well-informed on all things pumping.

Lauren Fisher. IBCLC
Rebecca Costello, MPH, IBCLC

Rebecca Costello, MPH, IBCLC

Topic: Turn Up the Volume: Managing Supplementation + Self Study

“I have won two iPads in two different breast-related prize drawings (one from a lingerie company, one at a breastfeeding conference).

Rebecca began her lactation journey with her undergraduate senior thesis evaluating a breastfeeding education program. After working as a doula and childbirth educator, she decided to pursue a Master’s in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health. There, she was also in the first class of the Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative, a Pathway 2 IBCLC training program.

After graduating, she first worked full time as an IBCLC in a large academic hospital. She then became the Director of Lactation Services at a busy freestanding birth center. After making the move to a new state, she went into private practice part-time, and expanded her focus on a longtime passion: providing education for IBCLCs, lactation trainees, and health care providers.

She also has special interests in research, support for the LGBTQ+ community, and coalition-building to advance and support IBCLC services.

Rebecca last spoke for us on “Charting a Course for Success.”

This class was educational but presented in a friendly and motivating way!

Rita Bixby, BSN RN IBCLC
Dr. Nastassia Davis RN, DNP, IBCLC
Nastassia K. Davis

Dr. Nastassia Davis RN, DNP, IBCLC

Topic: Respectful Care, Implicit Bias and the Maternal child Health Crisis

“I absolutely love riding my peloton”

Dr. Davis (she/her) is a registered nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consult with over 16 years of experience. She has dedicated the last 3 years of her life to making an impact on Black infant and Maternal health in New Jersey.  She is an advocate and nurse researcher passionate about changing the narrative.

Dr. Davis last spoke for us on Establishing a Non Profit.

Excellent information, engaging, relatable.

Sharon Curtin-Bottomley IBCLC
Kate DiMarco Ruck, BA, IBCLC, CBS
Kate DiMarco Ruck

Kate DiMarco Ruck, BA, IBCLC, CBS

Topic: Inclusive IBCLC Care Includes Formula (It’s Not Poison)

“My parents dropped me off at a summer theatre program in Philadelphia my junior year of high school. Two days later I took a bus to NYC, 5 years after that, I moved to Manhattan. It wasn’t until I’d lived in NYC for 20 years that I mentioned that first bus trip to my parents…”

Kate DiMarco Ruck, BA, IBCLC, CBS (she/her) is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist providing private practice breast/chest/bodyfeeding support to families in the New York City Metro Area.

Kate is a compassionate and knowledgeable IBCLC trained in the Oral Habilitation of the Breastfeeding Dyad, and Rhythmic Movement and Reflexes in the Infant. While she works with families experiencing a variety of lactation issues, Kate specializes in working with dyads who have Low Milk Supply, Tethered Oral Tissues, and Breastfeeding after Reduction (BFAR).

She is an active participant in the local, national and international lactation community. Kate was a 2020 Speaker at LCinPP Workshop, a guest speaker for Lactation Learning Collective, and an instructor for the Lactation Private Practice Essential Course. Kate has been featured talking about lactation and infant feeding in articles in The Huffington Post, Romper, NY Magazine, and Inside Edition.

Kate currently serves on the board of New York Lactation Consultants Association as Education/Events Director. Kate enjoys collaborating with her colleagues through brainstorming on client situations, speaking together at conferences, and organizing events for professional development. Kate is continually attending professional conferences and trainings to keep up with the evolving field of human lactation in order to provide the best possible care for her clients.

Kate is founder of The Parenting Studio- a community space in Brooklyn, NY. Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Baldwin Wallace University. Kate has visited all 7 continents on earth, but calls Brooklyn, NY home, with her husband Ken, her two formerly breastfed children, Orion (14) and Josie (11), and our 2 dogs, Boomer and Tracker.

Kate last spoke for us on The Art of the Report and Maintaning Referrals.

I really appreciated the friendly tone of this webinar, information was provided in a concise and clear manner while maintaining personality and held my interest. Thank you!

Anne Raley IBCLC
Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC

Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC

Topic: Hold On For One More Day: Case Coordination for Lactation Private Practice

“I learned to ski when I was 5 and got very good at it. I liked the moguls the best”

Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC has been a lactation consultant in private practice in New York City since 2011. She is also the creator of the Lactation Private Practice Essential Toolkit and the accompanying Lactation Private Practice Essential Course, and is the co-host of the Lactation Business Coaching Podcast. In 2018 Annie was honored with the US Lactation Consultant Association’s President’s Award, “awarding those that demonstrate extraordinary service to the association and profession.” 

Annie has a BA from Franklin and Marshall College with a double major in American Studies & Theatre, Dance, and Film, and an MA in Cinema Studies from New York University. She lives in Queens, New York with her husband, their two children, and their two cats.

Annie was great! I can easily get distracted and my mind often wanders, but she kept my attention and gave great examples of issues that I may run into in the future.

Kiara Carnes, BSN, RN, IBCLC
Jacqueline Kaye Hammack
Jacqueline Hammack

Jacqueline Kaye Hammack

Topic: Human Rights and Human Milk

“Of my two babies, neither was born at term: the first was early and the second was late..”

Jacqueline Hammack (she/her) is an innovator working at the intersection of perinatal care and the legal system to advance reproductive justice. By bridging her work as an attorney with her passion as a doula, Jacqueline strives to remove the barriers that pregnant and birthing people face accessing evidence-based, respectful perinatal care and holistic postpartum support. Jacqueline’s advocacy protects and promotes the civil and human rights of perinatal dyads in pregnancy, birth, lactation, and throughout the fourth trimester.

Jacqueline serves on the board of the Birth Rights Bar Association, the North American Registry of Midwives, and Better Birth Mississippi. She is a Collaborator with the Black Mamas Matter Alliance and a La Leche League Leader. She was a Class 2 fellow with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Network with the Center for Creative Leadership®, an inaugural fellow of the Mississippi Women’s Policy Institute, and a member of The Mississippi Bar’s Leadership Forum Class of 2020.

Jacqueline is a Madriella trained doula and a graduate of Tulane University Law School, Jackson State University, and Holmes Community College. She lives in Hattiesburg and works throughout Mississippi and Louisiana.

This is Jacqueline’s first time speaking for us.

Kristen Howorko, BSN, RN, IBCLC
Kristen Howorko

Kristen Howorko, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Topic:  I Like Baby Guts…and I Cannot Lie: Effects on Gut Microbiome When Supplementing

“In 1998, as recent graduates from The University of Texas, my best friend and I wanted to move out of state for one year. We flipped a coin between Colorado and California. Colorado won, and I have now lived here for 23 years.”

I am a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Registered Nurse. I worked in a Level III NICU as an RN on a 50 bed unit at the University of Colorado Hospital, and have worked as a Lactation Consultant in the same NICU for the past 3 years. In February of 2020, I started Milk’d Up, which is a family-centered lactation practice that strives to empower parents to feel confident feeding their babies. We are an inclusive practice that supports ALL infant feeding goals. When I am not helping moms, I like to spend time reading, running, skiing or doing yoga.

This is Kristen first time speaking for us.

Bryna Hayden, IBCLC

Bryna Hayden, IBCLC

Topic:  The origin of love: Induction of lactation, co-nursing, and community human milk sharing and “Is your advice, like, totally 90’s?” Modern Considerations for HIV+ Clients in Lactation

“I’m a huge nerd. I take biology and science classes for fun.”

Bryna is an IBCLC (Internationally Board-certified Lactation Consultant), adult educator, birth doula, mentor IBCLC, and private practice owner. Bryna has also sought additional training and continuing education in the areas of oral function and infant feeding, Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT), primitive reflexes and brain development in infants, cultural congruency, trauma-informed care, harm-reduction approaches to clinical care, and other counseling strategies for client-facing care.

A member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent communities, Bryna recognizes the concepts of inclusivity and accessibility as foundational on every level of lactation from education to clinical practice and back again. Bryna also recognizes that their background as a white person in the United States places them in a position of privilege, and they are always cognizant of how that lens impacts their work both in education and clinical practice.

When not working, learning, or teaching, Bryna can be found staring up at huge trees in awe or inhaling the salty air at the coast in the Pacific Northwest where they live with their children, partner, and dogs.

Bryna has spoken for us on Trans Parenting, Informed Consent, Neurodiversity, and Recreational Drug Use.

Bryna is an outstanding speaker. She is so knowledgeable and delivers so much information without making the learner feel overwhelmed. I loved her first presentation, and this one even more!

Annmarie Hext, IBCLC
Susan Howard MSN, RN, IBCLC

Susan Howard MSN, RN, IBCLC

Topic: Bottle Skills for the IBCLC- A Fresh Perspective

“I once found $5K at a hardware store. I turned it into the police; it was never claimed and I received the money back after an investigation was launched. That was the seed money that launched my lactation career.“

Susan is a Registered Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Her background is public health. She has been a supporter and champion of maternal infant health for 26 years. Nursing was a second career. Susan has worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse, childbirth educator, and clinical research nurse.

Susan is the owner of Arlington Lactation & Feeding Therapy, located near Washington DC. She offers comprehensive virtual lactation support and education to families. Susan is an expert in complex feeding issues including tongue ties and bottle refusal. Susan describes herself as a “lactogeek” and loves talking about babies, boobs, bottles and breastmilk.

Susan last spoke for us on “Ask Me Anything: Bottle Consults.”

This bottle consults talk was simply amazing. Learned so many new tricks and have a plethora of new tools to try!

Natalie Worthington IBCLC
Dr. Christine L. Kan, OTD, OTR/L, IBCLC
Christine Lam Kan

Dr. Christine L. Kan, OTD, OTR/L, IBCLC

Topic:  Addressing underlying infant developmental milestones to improve milk transfer

“My favorite ice cream is banana ice cream mixed with graham crackers at cold stone”

Dr. Christine L. Kan, OTD, OTR/L, IBCLC (she/her) is an occupational therapist that specializes in lactation, feeding therapy, orofacial sensory motor re-training, and lip and tongue ties. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a doctorate in occupational therapy in 2013, focusing on feeding interventions for children with special needs. She is trained in Beckman Oral Motor Protocol, Infant and Pediatric Neurodevelopmental training (NDT), Neonatal Oral Motor and Assessment Scale (NOMAS ), Neonatal Touch and Massage Certification (NTMC), and has her advanced practice in feeding, eating, and swallowing (SWC). She has experience helping medically fragile infants and young children transition from gastronomy tube (G-tube) feedings to oral feedings at the hospital and at home.

Dr. Kan currently works part time as a neonatal occupational therapist in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center in San Gabriel, CA and Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, CA. She also works part time at her private practice, supporting parents with complex feeding histories, infant development, and breastfeeding. She is an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and is passionate about supporting parents of premature and babies with tethered oral tissues breast/chestfeed their newborn. She went through her own personal struggle of breastfeeding babies with ties; her daughter with a lip tie and her son with a lip and tongue tie. Christine is currently tandem nursing her toddler (3 years) and infant (1 year). 

This is Dr. Kan’s first time speaking for us.

Sekeita Lewis-Johnson, DNP FNP-BC IBCLC 
Sekeita Lewis-Johnson

Sekeita Lewis-Johnson, DNP FNP-BC IBCLC 

Topic:  The Elephant Often Ignored: Bias & Politics of Artificial Infant Supplementation

“I love to skate backwards on roller skates.”

Dr. Sekeita Lewis-Johnson (she/her) is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Birth Doula. She is the Accredited Provider Program Director and an Instructor for Lactation Education Resources.

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing in December 1997 from Michigan State University. From there she went to live in Washington D.C. where she participated in a maternal-child fellowship program geared towards new graduates entering specialties. For the past 23 years, her primary focus has been labor and delivery and maternal-child nursing. She has experience as a Nursing Instructor teaching at various hospitals in the Metro-Detroit area. On May 2, 2019, Dr. Lewis-Johnson graduated from Wayne State University where she earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree and Nursing Education Certificate.

She is one of the Founding Members of Southeast Michigan IBCLCs of Color and Mama’s Mobile Milk. She is owner of Mommy and Me Lactation Consulting, LLC, and serves as a Board Director for The United States Breastfeeding Committee. She sits on The Maternal Infant Health, Health Equity Action Committee for the State of Michigan, and is a member of The Michigan Milk Collective. She serves her community by volunteering on the Beloved Community Initiative Leadership Team in Farmington Hills, Michigan and Birth Detroit which is the first free-standing birth center in Detroit. 

Dr. Lewis-Johnson has received multiple awards during her career. Upon graduating from MSU’s College of Nursing, she was the recipient of the “Outstanding Undergraduate Nursing Award”. This year she is the recipient of two awards: “The Award of Excellence” from the United States Lactation Consultant Association and “The Alumni Service Award” from The College of Nursing at Michigan State University. She is a national speaker with an international audience. She also provides health equity training to local municipalities per request.  

Dr. Lewis-Johnson is an avid advocate for equitable and just policies and practices especially related to black maternal-child health disparities. Passionate about maternal-child health and breastfeeding, she provides lactation and doula services within Metro-Detroit and surrounding areas. Her main goals are to prevent obstetrical harm, and to assist families to achieve their desired feeding goals. She believes that breastfeeding self-efficacy, along with skilled and timely lactation support are key to breastfeeding success. Dr. Lewis-Johnson is married to a Spartan and she is a proud mother of 3 children, one of which who graduated from MSU’s College of Social Work in May of 2021.

This is Dr. Lewis-Johnson’s first time speaking for us.

Hope Lima PhD, RDN, IBCLC
Hope Lima

Hope Lima PhD, RDN, IBCLC

Topic:  Bon appe-teat! Strategies for managing nutrition during the first year of life + Self Study

“I swam competitively for 18 years, finishing my career swimming 4 years at a DII college in West Virginia”

Hope (she/her) became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2017, completed her PhD in nutritional biochemistry in May 2018, and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) in September 2020. In addition to owning and operating Hope Feeds Babies, Hope is employed full time at Winthrop University in the Department of Human Nutrition overseeing the Certificate in Medical Lactation and running a research lab that focuses on helping mothers to reach their infant feeding goals, improving access to human milk, and analyzing the nutritional content of human milk.

Dr. Lima last spoke for us on Interpreting Growth Charts in a Pediatric Population.

Hope was very knowledgable and informative! Very easy to follow.

Julie Tower RN, BSN, IBCLC
Katy Linda IBCLC
Katy Linda

Katy Linda IBCLC

Topic:  Supporting Second Time Families

“I’m so boring. I had a baby in the car? I met my husband on the internet in the 90’s? Seriously I’m boring. ”

Katy Linda, IBCLC (she/her) is a Private Practice IBCLC in Central Maryland. With nearly 15 years of supporting breastfeeding families under her belt, she has a passion for normalizing breastfeeding and supporting parents in their journey. With a special interest in complex feeding situations, Katy has sought out extra training in a variety of modalities. Katy teaches classes for new and expectant parents, facilitates regular support groups, and provides personalized infant feeding support including prenatal education, breastfeeding/chestfeeding struggles, pumping and returning to work. She also teaches the next generation of IBCLCs with an active internship program.

Katy last spoke for us on Ethical Retail.

Katy brought up a lot of really great points when considering bringing retail into your practice.

Jessi Sletten, CLC, PMH-C
Indra Wood Lusero, Esq.
Indra Lusero

Indra Wood Lusero, Esq.

Topic:  Human Rights and Human Milk

“We are not experts on elephants.”

Indra Wood Lusero, Esq., (Director, President, they/them) is a Staff Attorney with National Advocates for Pregnant Women and Founder of Elephant Circle, a Colorado-based birth justice organization. Indra’s publications include “Challenging Hospital VBAC Bans Through Tort Liability” and “Making the Midwife Impossible: How the Structure of Maternity Care Harms the Practice of Home Birth Midwifery.” Indra went to law school after attending a MANA conference in 2005 where folks lamented not having a “hotshot team of lawyers” who could help defend midwives. Indra has endeavored to develop just such a team.

This is Indra’s first time speaking for us.

Allison Porter, JD, CBS

Allison Porter, JD, CBS
Topic: The WHO Code: Theory and Application

“I am licensed to practice law in NJ and only lived there for 3 months.”
Allison Porter is an Attorney and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist who breastfed her son for 18 months and daughter until age 2. She’s a TN girl born and raised in Memphis, TN, went to the University of TN Knoxville for undergraduate school, went to law school in Memphis, and currently lives in Nashville. She currently practices Health Law focusing on healthcare regulatory compliance and managed care insurance denials after doing Employment Discrimination law for several years. Her main lactation passion is to be a resource on breastfeeding and pumping rights laws and advocacy.

Allison last spoke for us on Ethical Private Practice.

Lourdes M. Santaballa Mora IBCLC

Lourdes M. Santaballa Mora MS IBCLC CLAAS IYCFS

Topic:  An Added Layer of Safety and Preserving Lactation: When Supplementation Happens During an Emergency

“I do an expert fake sneeze, possibly worthy of some type of Academy Award.”

Lourdes (ella/she/her) is a community activist and community organizer, having worked in the domestic violence, housing equity and reproductive rights/infant feeding movements. In lactation, she has worked as a volunteer peer counselor, IBCLC, mentor, researcher and trainer. She is the co-founder of Alimentación Segura Infantil, an organization focused on increasing breastfeeding, leadership and training in disenfranchised communities, with a focus on disaster preparedness, response and recovery.  Formed after Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, ASI is currently the largest non-profit community-based infant and young child feeding organization in Puerto Rico. ASI is also an IBCLC Care Award recipient and a mentorship path for aspiring IBCLCs. Lourdes is active in the USBC, IFE (Infant Feeding in Emergencies) Core Group and USLCA Advisory Committee and has received various awards and recognition in the field for her activism and research. Amidst two category 5 hurricanes, earthquakes, and a global pandemic, she was able to finish her master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health in 2020. You can listen to her weekly podcast in Spanish, Teta y Pecho: Lactancia Interseccional on all the major platforms.

This is Lourdes’s first time speaking for us.

Johanna Sargeant IBCLC
Johanna Sargeant

Johanna Sargeant, BA, BEd, IBCLC

Topic:  Care plans for Supplementing Families: How to use Motivational Interviewing to create feasible, sustainable plans and goals

“Switzerland accidentally became our home after needing a break from our year-long European cycling-and-camping adventure. If we had arrived on a day with bad weather, we would never have stayed! We planned on two weeks, then one months, then three months… and now it’s been eleven years, two children, one house and eventually our Swiss Citizenship!”

Johanna Sargeant (she/her) is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, teacher and writer based in Zurich, Switzerland. She is passionate about utilising her background in education, biological science, psychology and language to empower parents with empathetic support and evidence-based information through her private practice, Milk and Motherhood. Originally from Australia, Johanna provides much-needed English-speaking support to many thousands of parents throughout Switzerland and across Europe, and has recently been contracted to create the new education modules for the European Society of Paediactric Research and the European Society of Neonatology. Along with speaking at a variety of international conferences, she has taught at the University of Zurich, has spoken as a panelist for the WHO’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative congress in Geneva, and has been an expert speaker and facilitator for Google. The complexities of her personal feeding experiences have led her to the establishment of the sole peer-to-peer milk-sharing network in Switzerland, and fuels her passion for providing knowledgeable, guilt-free infant feeding support globally.

This is Johanna’s first time speaking for us.

Christine Staricka BS, IBCLC, RLC, FILCA

Christine Staricka BS, IBCLC, RLC, FILCA

Topic:  Fortifiers

“I am a huge Pearl Jam fan”

Christine Staricka (she/her) is a Registered, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and trained childbirth educator. As the host of The Lactation Training Lab Podcast, her current role focuses on training and coaching current and aspiring lactation care providers.Christine created and developed The First 100 Hours© concept, an early lactation framework designed to support lactation care providers with the knowledge and mindset they need to help families optimize early lactation.Christine worked as a hospital-based IBCLC for 10 years and has over 21 years experience providing clinical lactation care and support. She provides clinical lactation care to families at Baby Café Bakersfield and serves as its Director.Christine recently completed 6 years of service on the Board of the United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA.)  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Phoenix.  She has been married for 28 years, lives in California, and is the proud mother of 3 amazing daughters.

Christine last spoke for us on recurring mastitis.

Christine provided great information that will be helpful to me as I assist families.

Danielle Blakney, LPN IBCLC
Stephanie Tolley, M.S., CCC-SLP, CLC

Stephanie Tolley, M.S., CCC-SLP, CLC

Topic: Teaming up with SLPs to improve infant sucking and swallowing skills

“I’m teaching my dog to use talking buttons. Her vocabulary is around 12 words now that she uses regularly. “Dogbar” is her favorite request.“

Stork to Fork was founded by Stephanie Tolley, M.S., CCC-SLP (she/her) to provide support to families of infants and children experiencing unique feeding challenges in their home environment. Stephanie is North and South Carolina licensed and ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist. She has been providing feeding, swallowing, and communication therapy to families in the Charlotte area since 2011 and has practiced in outpatient hospital, home-health, daycare, private practice, and school settings. She is specialized in oral function, feeding, and swallowing problems from infancy through adolescence. Stephanie utilizes a family-centered and responsive approach with emphasis on parent/caregiver coaching, education, and training. A family’s feeding journey is often multifaceted and may require collaboration with a team of professionals. Stephanie views direct communication between members of this team as essential to the treatment process and reducing burden on the family. When Stephanie is not helping families, she enjoys getting outside with her husband, Robert, and #darladog for hiking, yoga (yes, Darla does yoga too), or exploring the city. 

This is Stephanie’s first time speaking for us.

Paperless Lactation continues to be THE person to learn from when it comes to IBCLC in PP! Thank you!

Erica Diehl, IBCLC

Clinical Complexities in Supplementing Babies

Because fed is just the beginning.

32 CERPs + CEUs

All recordings available through 4/30/23