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Ask the Expert: Missy Campbell on Pinterest [PODCAST]

We love Pinterest – we’ve used it to as a way to keep those picture-perfect ideas for classroom parties, favorite outfits, and delectable recipes. It keeps everything neatly organized and easily accessible. What we did not realize is that some savvy consultants and business people are harnessing Pinterest on an entirely different level. Turns out, Pinterest isn’t just a useful virtual filing cabinet, it also holds the capability to create community, is a fantastic way to educate, and it can create traffic to your business. The bonus is it is FREE!

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Ask the Expert: Shondra Mattos IBCLC on SEO [PODCAST]

Shondra Mattos, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert, IBCLC, LLL Leader, Owner of Mattos Lactation, and all around amazing person joins us to drop some helpful tips about using SEOs to drive traffic to your sites and put your hypothetical neon sign out there in the world. Learn how her I-think-I-can determination helped her build her SEO expertise. She will run through common mistakes made when creating content, offer key tips to empower you, and teach you time-efficient ways to stay relevant without recreating the wheel. Join us! Grow with us!

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Ask the Expert: Tiara Caldwell on Social Media [PODCAST]

You know that the families who need us are using social media to find us, and having a presence is so important. But putting yourself out there on social media can feel so overwhelming. You’re unsure where to start, especially with the million other daily professional tasks and personal responsibilities taking up so much time. We’re right there with you!

That’s why we’re so excited about this podcast episode with lactation consultant, doula, and social media expert Tiara Caldwell LPN, IBCLC. She runs through the different social media platforms, the way in which they are useful, where to begin, how to get your feet wet, and how to be the genuine YOU through what you post and share. Her tried and true approach will put you at ease and make you feel capable about connecting on social media in an authentic way with other professionals, clients, and potential clients. Take a listen and grow with us!

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Website Design for Lactation Private Practice

When it comes to online scheduling, Acuity is my favorite of the HIPAA-compliant platforms out there, making it easy-peasy for someone to land on my website, learn about my services, and book an appointment all without any texting back-and-forth about time. But Acuity can do so much more for you—and even increase client self-efficacy.