Start Running Your Lactation Private Practice With Ease

So you can

You didn’t become a lactation consultant because you wanted to be an entrepreneur—but here you are!

Running a private practice can run you ragged. Each week brings a new set of problems.

Too many clients and you’re spread thin trying to meet all their needs and never feeling like you’re doing enough.

Not enough clients and you’re convinced you have to master the latest social media marketing strategies or (eek) lower your pricing just to get some bookings.

Meanwhile, you’re falling behind on charting, getting texts on your personal number, and wishing you had time for that new training everyone keeps raving about.

You’re putting a million things first and you’re facing:

burnout, compassion fatigue, and imposter experience.

Plus you really should finish that charting!

But what if you put nurturing your private practice FIRST?

Imagine if you gave your private practice the same love and attention and care you teach families to give to their babies. Now your private practice is taking care of you, and becomes the center of the circle of care that radiates out to your clients, your colleagues, and your communities.

When you build, maintain, and nourish your private practice, you’re able to bring your full self with all of your talents, skills, and passions to the work you do with clients.

It’s time to nurture your private practice + expand the circle of care.

Hi! I’m Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC

I offer tools, guidance and continuing education for the private practice lactation consultant looking to nurture their business to expand the circle of care for the families they serve.

It’s time to show up with professional and ethical excellence and expand the circle of care supporting families in your community.

Whether you’re just starting out, needing to adjust or pivot your current practice, or looking to expand and explore new opportunities, there’s something here that will help you today.

  • Customizable charting templates + platform trainings

  • Attorney-reviewed legal documents

  • Business and ethical guidance

  • Systems and strategies

Let your private practice take care of you so that you can get out there and take care of families.

Create your private practice with our ultimate toolkit then earn CERPs learning skills you can use for private practice.

Want to run your private practice like a business, not a hobby?

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