In lactation private practice, you see things that the exam never prepared you for. Turn theory into implementation though trainings that will prepare you to support families from pregnancy through weaning.

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LPPEC Track 5: Clinical Complexities in Private Practice

Clinical And Professional Trainings For Lactation Private Practice

We offer on-demand continuing education modules where you can earn CERPs and nursing CEUs while learning about lactation, infant feeding, nutrition, maternal and parental health, building your business, and ethical private practice.

Equity, inclusivity, and anti-racism are embedded into all of our continuing education offerings. These important values are not just an afterthought but integrated into the lessons as core pillars so you can better serve your families and their children with understanding, empathy, and professionalism.

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Scholarships may be available for those identifying as  LGBTQ+ or BIPOC and/or who are residing and practicing in countries designated by the World Bank as Category B, C, or D.

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Annie Frisbie IBCLC, Inc is an approved Long-Term Provider by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners #CLT120-02. Nursing CEUs are awarded by the Alabama State Nurses Association.

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*NEW* Clinical Complexities in Lactation Private Practice

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Clinical Complexities: Milk Production & Supply

  • Confident and Competent: Understanding and Managing Low Supply in Private Practice | Kristin Cavuto, MSW, LCSW, IBCLC
  • Investigating Recurrence of Plugged Ducts, Nipples Blebs, & Mastitis | Christine Staricka, BS, IBCLC, RLC, CE
  • Turn Up the Volume: Managing Supplementation | Rebecca Costello, IBCLC, MPH
  • LIVE! Milk Transfer Assessment and Management Round Table | Kristin Cavuto, MSW, LCSW, IBCLC; Courtney L. Polk MSN, RN, IBCLC, and Rachel O’Brien, MA, IBCLC
  • LIVE! Case Study: Horrendous Engorgement and Tremendous Commitment | Allison Walsh IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE

Approved for 4.5 CERPs/pending CPEUs

Clinical Complexities 1: Milk Production and Supply (4.5 L-CERPs)

Clinical Complexities: Infant Development

  • Interpreting Growth Charts in a Pediatric Population | Hope Lima PhD, RDN, IBCLC
  • Responsive Feeding and Parenting Through It All: Growth Spurts, Developmental Leaps, Distractibility, and More… | Allison Walsh IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE
  • Swaddles, Snoos, and sleep training | Shelly Taft, LPN, IBCLC, ISE
  • Teethers, Cruisers, Walkers, and Talkers: Supporting the Older Baby Dyad | Whitney N. Dula, CBS
  • LIVE! AMA about bottle consults | Susan Howard, MSN, RN, IBCLC 

Approved for 4.5 CERPs/pending CPEUs

Clinical Complexities 2: Infant Development (4.5 L-CERPs)

Clinical Complexities: Expanding the Circle of Care

  • Trans parenting is not a lifestyle | Bryna Sampey, IBCLC
  • Intuitive Nutrition: An approach to prevent disordered eating and promote full nourishment for postpartum parents | McKenzie Caldwell MPH, RDN
  • Trans parenting is not a lifestyle | Bryna Elisabeth Sampey, IBCLC
  • Intuitive Nutrition: An approach to prevent disordered eating and promote full nourishment for postpartum parents | McKenzie Caldwell MPH, RDN
  • Intersectionality and Trauma Informed Care | Iya Mystique Faodugun MS, CCE, CLE
  • Nurture Your Business, Expand the Circle of Care | Annie Frisbie, MA, IBCLC
  • Live! Deeper Dive into Nurturing Your Business with Lactation Business Coaching  | Leah Jolly IBCLC and Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC

Approved for 5 CERPs/pending CPEUs

Clinical Complexities 4: Expanding the Circle of Care (5 CERPs + CEUs pending)

Clinical Complexities: Supporting Families

  • A New Normal: Lactation through Divorce and Custody | Kristin Cavuto MSW, LCSW, IBCLC
  • Building relationships through weaning | Jen Deshaies, IBCLC
  • Hospital to Home: Interventions to Independence | Courtney L. Polk MSN, RN, IBCLC
  • Multiples in real life | Aimbriel Lasley, MA, IBCLC
  • Live: AMA on Supporting Families with Social Media | Whitney N. Dula, CBS

Approved for 5 CERPs/pending CPEUs

Clinical Complexities 5: Supporting Families (5 CERPs + CEUs pending)

Clinical Complexities: Ethics

  • On this little blue app: online group moderation tips and strategies | Nichelle On this little blue app: online group moderation tips and strategies | Nichelle Clark, IBCLC, CBS
  • 50 shades of gray: mandated reporting for the lactation consultant | Chanelle Andrews, IBCLC, CBS
  • IBLCE Code of Conduct: Applications for Private Practice | Allison Porter, JD CBS
  • Collaboration over Competition: Improving Health Outcomes by Working Together | Annie Frisbie, MA, IBCLC
  • LIVE! AMA about diversification | Joy MacTavish, IBCLC, RLC, ICCE

Approved for 4.5 CERPs/pending CPEUs

Clinical Complexities: Ethics (LPPEC Track 5)

Clinical Complexities: The Hardest Cases

  • Reflux management: a team approach | Shondra Mattos, IBCLC
  • LIVE! Cleft case study | Sarah Lester, IBCLC
  • Lessons Learned from Out of the Ordinary Cases | Leah Jolly IBCLC
  • LIVE! Recreational drug use in real life | Bryna Elisabeth Sampey, IBCLC
  • Reflux management: a team approach | Shondra Mattos, IBCLC
  • What is an Elimination Diet and When Should a Nursing Parent Try One? | Hope Lima PhD, RDN, IBCLC

Approved for 5.5 CERPs/pending CPEUs

“I am so grateful to have found LPPEC right at the beginning of my business journey! Between the courses and the toolkit, I have everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I could need to have a successful set up, launch, and marketing strategy from day one. I have learned so much not only about the business side of things but have furthered my education in the lactation field! Thank you to all of the amazing trainers and experts for creating such a comprehensive course. Thank you Annie for filling such a huge gap for us in the lactation private practice field!!” -Jessi Sletten, CLC

Clinical Complexities 3: The Hardest Cases (5.5 CERPs + CEUs pending)

Clinical Complexities Complete Bundle

Get all of the clinical complexities courses listed above for a discounted price!

LPPEC Track 5: Clinical Complexities in Private Practice

How To Run An Outpatient Lactation Consult 

What exactly happens during a consultation? You may know clinically what you need to do, but what happens when you walk in someone’s house and the baby is crying? How do you remove the awkwardness? How should the consultation flow? This course will show you how to plan ahead, create a structure for your consults–and be flexible in the moment.

“This short course was packed full of practical and helpful information to help both new and experienced IBCLCs structure and manage a private practice consult.” -Meridith Lohse, IBCLC

1.5 L-CERPs.

How to Run an Outpatient Lactation Consult (1.5 L-CERPs)

Expanding Your Lactation Private Practice Practice

Contains “Expanding your Practice: Hiring Clinicians and Support Staff” worth 2 CERPs/CEUs and a bonus recording of a live session about strategies for creating a vision for your group practice and effectively communicating it to your team. Taught by Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC and Leah Jolly IBCLC of the Lactation Business Coaching podcast.

2 E-CERPs + 2 CEUs

Expanding Your Lactation Private Practice Practice (2 E-CERPs + 2 CEUs)

Building Relationships Through Communication

If you have ever wanted to improve the way you interact with the families you support as a lactation consultant, this session will give you techniques, insight, skills and practice for elevating your work relationships through communication. Taught by Jen Deshaies IBCLC, you’ll first get an understanding of communication fundamentals and then deep dive into how self-awareness lays the groundwork for your interactions with clients and colleagues.

  • Foundations of Communication– Learn the essentials of communication methods to help build skills for running successful lactation business day-to-day and in unique situations.
  • Relationship with Self– In this section, we will look at the most important relationship that exists: the relationship with our self. Once we understand how we connect to ourselves, we can be more effective at communicating with others.
  • Relationships with Families– The families we interact with daily rely on our technical skill, yet, in many ways, our communication skills have the longest-lasting impact. In this section, we will focus on directly and indirectly communicating with breastfeeding parents, partners and babies.
  • Relationships with Colleagues– For many of us in private practice, we work solo, yet our relationships with other lactation professionals and with other types of providers can take a lot of our focus. In this section, learn how to navigate sticky situations, how to express your concern about your client to another provider and how to work as a team.
  • Building Relationships: Putting it all Together– Empowering families to reach their feeding goals can take skill and practice. When bringing all we learned together and practicing with intention, we can truly grow as people and as clinicians.

Includes a 90 page interactive workbook for maximum implementation

Approved for 6.5 CERPs + 6.5 CEUs + 6.5 CPEUs

“I thoroughly enjoyed Jen’s communication module. Not only was it clear and easy to follow along, the content really prompted me to dig deeper, without feeling on the defense. Which is how we should be with our clients. This is an amazing resource in a time where virtual consults are becoming the norm.” -Nichelle Clark IBCLC, CBS

“Jen’s course on communication will not only help you better communicate as a private practice IBCLC, it will help you communicate with every one around you with peace, empathy, and a greater understanding.”  -Lauren Fisher, BSW, IBCLC

“Certain skills that I would not otherwise be able to out into words or necessarily teach were presented in a clear, concise, and creative way. It was very captivating.”  -Brittany Smith, IBCLC

Building Relationships Through Communication (4.75 R-CERPs + 1.75 L-CERPs + 6.5 CEUs in total)

Insurance and Lactation Private Practice

Whether you are out-of-network or in-network, understanding how insurance coverage for lactation works can make a big difference for you and your clients. In this 3-hour course, taught by lactation insurance expert Donna Sinnott, BBA, IBCLC, you’ll learn what you need to know to maximize what your clients get reimbursed and what you can get paid for lactation services.

  • Part 1 is a general, basic understanding of the insurance game, the vocabulary and fee setting required when part of the current healthcare system.
  • Part 2 is a deeper dive into applying coding for consults to the current documentation requirements. Once you understand the differences in diagnosis, procedure and supply codes, you must decide what codes you will use and how to document them. This lecture discusses the details needed for documenting and coding for the type of consultations an IBCLC provides.
  • Part 3 offers a guide to moving the documentation, coding and billing into real-life scenarios as you set up and navigate a private practice consult. This section also covers website and business building tips in regards to your documentation, consultation and note-taking styles. Finally, this session explains “incident-to” billing, to integrate lactation services with other health care professionals and various practice settings.
  • BONUS: Hot Topics in Lactation Insurance + Ask Me Anything (Live) with Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC: In this interactive session recorded in March 2021, Annie Frisbie IBCLC will present on two hot topics in lactation insurance: ethical out-of-network billing and how to identify and avoid insurance fraud. She and Rebecca Costello MPH, IBCLC then answered questions about insurance.

Approved for 3.5 CERPs + 3.5 Nursing CEUs 

“Donna is highly entertaining and makes billing and coding an approachable subject that is way less intimidating by the time you are done listening to her pearls of wisdom.” -Catherine Belonogoff IBCLC

“This course was amazing!   Donna’s tongue-in-cheek approach to the dry and overwhelmingly cumbersome aspects of coding and billing made this course both enjoyable and understandable.” -Barbara Zimmermann RN BSN IBCLC 

“Made me less fearful of insurance, loved the way it was presented!” -Sirin Dogan RN, IBCLC

Insurance and Lactation Private Practice (3 L-CERPs + 0.5 E-CERPs + 3.5 CEUs)

Immunology and Lactation: Dr. Hope K. Lima

In this course, you will learn about the basics of the immune system and how it develops, the immunological components in human milk, and how breastfeeding is theorized to protect against the development of chronic disease. Includes a live session on Human Milk Storage: What Happens to the Immune Components? Taught by Hope Lima, PhD, RDN, IBCLC.

6 CERPs + CEUs/CPEUs pending

Immunology and Lactation (6 CERPs + CEUs/CPEUs pending)

Lessons from COVID-19 for Lactation Consultants

This 1-hour session provides updated information about the evidence in relation to COVID and breastfeeding. There will be specific emphasis on any literature about the vaccination. This presentation will fill the gap of knowledge about COVID by providing an updated overview of all emerging literature over the past year. Taught by Hope Lima, PhD, RDN, IBCLC.


Lessons from COVID-19 for Lactation Consultants (0.5 L-CERPs + 0.5 R-CERPs)

IGT Is Not A Tragedy

Understanding and Treating Mammary Hypoplasia in Private Practice

Hosted by Kristin Cavuto LCSW IBCLC, you’ll learn clinical strategies for working with clients with possible insufficient glandular tissue. You’ll leave with clinical and communications skills to empower families to create sustainable goals and find joy in the journey.

1.5 L-CERPs.

“This training should be mandatory for all IBCLCs.”—Mary Unangst, IBCLC

“Prior to beginning this course, I truthfully was a bit fearful of having a patient with IGT, as I felt under prepared to help them. I was unsure how to address IGT in a way that emotional supported the parents while ensuring the infant was adequately nourished. This course helped me build confidence in this topic and actually helped me re-think what it means to be a successful supporter of IGT!” -Alli Thomas, BSN, RN, IBCLC.

IGT is not a Tragedy: Understanding and Treating Mammary Hypoplasia in Private Practice (1.5 L-CERPs)

Mental Health First Aid for Perinatal Care Providers

How do you provide effective support without going outside of your scope or causing harm or trauma? You may encounter a pregnant or postpartum client who is struggling with a mental health issue and feel lost trying to provide support and resources for them.

Learn how to screen, counsel, and refer new families struggling with mental health so you’re confidently prepared to be a source of support and resource when needed.

Approved for 4 R-CERPs, 4 CPEUs, 4 ICEA contact hours + 4 Nursing CEUs 

“Kristin’s class was so beneficial to me as a seasoned IBCLC.” -Trish Wierenga, BSN, RN, IBCLC, RLC

“I absolutely would recommend this course to others! We owe it to our clients who are sharing their stories with us.”  -Cathryn Teasdale RN IBCLC 

“Any time I’ve heard Kristin Cavuto speak, I walk away with SO much new information. Unlike other presentations which are sometimes a lot of fluff or ‘things we’ve all heard before’, Kristin packs in a depth of knowledge that does deep. I always appreciate her constant reminders on bias and cultural understanding.” -Allyson Murphy, IBCLC

Mental Health First Aid for the Perinatal Care Provider (4 R-CERPs + 4 CEUs + 4 CPEUs)

Equity, Antiracism, and Inclusivity in Private Practice

7 lectures covering neurodiversity, anti-racism, inclusivity, decolonization, bias.

  • Beyond Baby Brain: Embracing neurodiverse families and removing barriers to access in your lactation practice | Bryna Sampey IBCLC
  • Challenging Bias: Changing Yourself and Your Practice | Kristin Cavuto MSW, LCSW, IBCLC
  • Decolonizing in Lactation (1 L-CERP) | Kimberly Moore-Salas IBCLC
  • Don’t Start a Private Practice Without Including Everyone: Learning How to Be an Inclusive Practice for the LGBTQ+ Community | Stephanie Wagner BSN, RN, IBCLC, CLE, RLC
  • Moving Beyond The Week: Creating the Black Breastfeeding 365 Initiative by Equitable Collaboration | Whitney Dula CBS
  • Not On My Watch: Intentional Anti-Racism in Private Practice | Nekisha Killings MPH, IBCLC
  • Unlearning Obesity | Kristin Cavuto MSW, LCSW, IBCLC

10% of gross proceeds will be donated to the Perinatal Health Equity Foundation.

Approved for 7.5 CERPs + 7.5 CEUs + available inside the 4 tracks of the Lactation Private Practice Essential Course

Equity, Antiracism, and Inclusivity in Private Practice (7.5 CERPs)

Let’s Get Digital (Let me See Your Baby Balk): Virtual Consult Strategies

1.25 L-CERP + 1.25 CEUs taught by Rachel O’Brien, MA, IBCLC, RLC

Stop seeing virtual visits as “better than nothing” and learn how virtual visits can empower families and be more effective than meeting in person! Learn how to set up your platform, protect privacy, and prepare parents for a virtual lactation consult. Learn how to assess for oral function without using your own hands, effective follow up, and workflow strategies.

Let’s Get Digital (Let me See Your Baby Balk): Virtual Consult Strategies (1.25 L-CERP + 1.25 CEUs)

The Right Stuff: Selecting Tools and Supplies for Home & Office Consults

1 L-CERP + 1 CEU taught by Rachel O’Brien, MA, IBCLC, RLC

So few of us get to spend time with other private practice IBCLCs before we start our own businesses. How do you make sure you have what you need to help families during a consult? What’s essential, and what is just extra plastic taking up space in your office or visit bag? Should you have formula on hand? What about scales? Based on Rachel’s popular blog series for IBCLCs.

The Right Stuff: Selecting Tools and Supplies for Home & Office Consults (1 L-CERP + 1 CEU)

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