The Lactation Private Practice
Essential Toolkit

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I’ve worked out all the confusing kinks of setting up a professional and streamlined lactation private practice and systemized everything so you don’t have to struggle like I did.

This toolkit is what I wish I would’ve had when I was starting out. I wasted so much time and money doing things the hard way. But you don’t have to.

The Lactation Private Practice Toolkit includes everything you need to streamline your business:

3 E-Books Written Specifically To Guide Lactation Consultants

  • Paperless Private Practice for the Lactation Consultant
  • Lactation Private Practice from Start to Strong
  • Crash Course in Billing and Reimbursement for Lactation Consultants (co-written with Donna Sinnott)

Tech & Infrastructure Tools & Training

  • Training modules for the most popular charting platforms for lactation consults
  • Comparison charts so you can choose the tech solution that’s right for you
  • Secure messaging training

Essential Legal Templates (attorney reviewed)

  • Consent for Care (lactation specific) for private practice and for support group settings
  • Website Policies and Terms & Conditions
  • Social Media Ethics Guide and Photo Releases
  • Contract templates for hiring subcontractors and support staff + working with Pathway 3 interns

Clinical Building Blocks

  • Policies and Procedures Workbook
  • Charting Templates for IntakeQ, Practice Better, ChARM, G-Suite, and Jane (and more added all the time)
  • Resource Collection of Client-Friendly Links

1:1 Support & Upgrades for Life

I’ll answer three of your questions at any point in your journey. Use them now, use them later—I can’t wait to help you with your specific challenges. And whenever I add something new to the Toolkit, you’ll get it!

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Scholarships may be available for those identifying as BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ or who are residing and practicing in countries designated by the World Bank as Category B, C, or D. Contact us to apply.

The Lactation Private Practice Toolkit is right for you if:

  • You have a feeling you’re not as organized as you could be, but have no idea where to start.

  • You’ve been at this for awhile, but your disorganization has you feeling burned out.

  • You’re scaling rapidly and worried you can’t keep up because your systems are inefficient.

  • You’re spending way too much time on charting, or your pediatrician reports, and you’re either staying up way too late or getting up way too early. Or worse—you’re cutting corners. Or not doing them at all.

  • You didn’t pay enough attention to HIPAA and you know you’re not as secure as you need to be, but the idea of tackling it feels just way too overwhelming so you ignore it.

  • You know you have what it takes for lactation private practice and want to do things right.

  • You know you can make improvements and need some guidance.

  • You’re ready to make your private practice work for you.

The Lactation Private Practice Toolkit is not right for you if you don’t plan to charge for your services, or feel 100% confident in your policies and procedure, or have no insecurities about the tech tools you’re currently using.
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Wonder what it looks like to use the toolkit in your lactation private practice?

Here’s what you’ll do with the resources in your toolkit…

Attorney-reviewed legal forms

Cover all your bases so that you and your clients are protected and safe.
• Consent for Care
• Payment Policies
• Secure Messaging Disclaimer
• Social Media Disclaimers
• Photo releases
• Website Terms and Conditions

Tech training for charting and reporting

Comparison charts and complete trainings so you can choose the right platform for you and incorporate lactation-specific templates you can’t get anywhere else.

Anatomy diagrams

Incorporate these artist-created anatomy diagrams for the breast and the infant cranium into your charting workflow so your documentation is complete.

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3 full-length ebooks on building and growing your private practice

• Lactation Private Practice: From Start to Strong
• Paperless Private Practice for the Lactation Consultant
• Crash Course in Billing, Coding, and Reimbursement for
• Lactation Consultants (coauthored by Donna Sinnott)

Policies and Procedures workbook

Establish a solid, ethical foundation and guard against burnout so you can give your clients the very best care.
Platforms supported:

• IntakeQ
• Practice Better
• Google Workspace
• Office 365
• Mobile Lactation Consultant
• MilkNotes

Upgrades for life

I make something new. You get it. You don’t even have to ask.

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Ready to nurture your private practice and expand the circle of care for families now and for years to come?

Lactation Private Practice Essential Toolkit