Feature your Mobile Lactation Consultant intake on your website

Here’s a super simple website tip that might make your intake process just a little bit faster and easier.

First, you’ll need to log in Mobile Lactation Consultant on your iPad. Then, you’re going to send yourself the email with the intake instructions.

In Settings > Account, click “email client access URL” and enter your own email address.

Now, in your website builder, I want you to add a new page to your website. If your builder offers you the option to have it be “unlinked” or hidden from your top level navigation, do that so it’s cluttering up the experience for prospective clients. Call this page “Intake.”

Next step is to go into your email and copy and paste everything that you got in the client access email. Most email programs and website builders will preserve the hyperlink URL for “click here to access client portal,” but if they don’t, you will want to make sure to add that in manually.

Finally, this is a great space to include any information you want to communicate about preparing for your visit, and also the perfect real estate for reminding clients of your cancellation policy (if you have one).

And psst—if you use Acuity for scheduling, you can have Acuity send this as an email! I have found that Acuity pairs beautifully with MLC, making them a killer IBCLC-friendly paperless solution.

Training: Mobile Lactation Consultant (MLC)

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