Online Virtual Events with Chanelle Andrews IBCLC, CBS [PODCAST]

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In this bonus episode of Ask the Expert, Annie & Leah interview Chanelle Andrews CBS about her experience working with a dream team of non-local lactation colleagues to sponsor a virtual screening of Death by Delivery as an advocacy event for Black Maternal Health Week. Spoiler alert: it was a big success.

About Chanelle Andrews CBS: Chanelle Andrews owns and operates her own practice, Hey Mama Lactation and Perinatal Care, while also interning as a breastfeeding peer counselor at WIC. During her experience as a new mother, while struggling to figure out all the things including breastfeeding, Chanelle longed for a community of women who were dealing with the same things.

Throughout her own journey, she realized she didn’t look like or share the same experiences as most of the other women around her. Chanelle is a strong advocate for bringing to light the black maternal mortality crisis in the US. While her plans to run a community event around this topic had to be changed, that didn’t stop her and other lactation professionals from holding an incredible event online instead.


  • Coordinating and planning a virtual event online

  • Enabling virtual networking during event

  • Establishing housekeeping and general respect

  • Educating dominant culture individuals on censorship

  • The benefits of virtual events over in person events


  • “There are people who are just there and they’re listening and they’re taking it all in, but they don’t really want the interaction component. And I said, okay, I’ll accept that. You know, cause that actually is true.”

  • “So you know, in these spaces sometimes we have those reactions where it’s like, Oh my God, that would never happen. But somebody told you it did happen. Be respectful of that.”

  • “I said, you know, we’re all in these spaces to learn and I really appreciate you reaching out to me because you want it to understand and to make sure that you know how to navigate these spaces in a sensitive and productive way.”

  • “It’s not that we want you to sit down, shut up and don’t ever say anything but understand when it’s okay to say this, and it’s okay to say that, when it’s okay to learn and when it’s okay to teach.”

  • “Then you know, working together it was really great because we were able to expose our communities to all of our different brands as well because we all run our own separate private practices and have the different things going on.”

  • “When you find the people that you’re aligned with that have similar goals and that are trying to just make good things happen in the world.”


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The rest of the dream team: Nichelle ClarkShondra MattosWhitney Dula, and Courtney Polk

Black Mama’s Matter Alliance:

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