Ask the Expert: Missy Campbell on Pinterest [PODCAST]

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On today’s show, Annie and Leah chat with Missy Campbell all about how to best utilize the magic of Pinterest in your business. Missy shares with us how it’s not just for recipes and outfit ideas but the powerful tool it is for our service based businesses. We learn some of the ins and outs of Pinterest and how this search engine can help extend the life of our content so we don’t have to spend hours a day on social media. She breaks down for us how to get started using Pinterest as quickly as today.


02:54 How Missy got started with Pinterest

06:28 Defining the hierarchy of Pinterest

12:56 The best type of content for Pinterest

16:01 Why your follower count doesn’t matter too much

21:53 Using Pinterest in a collaborative way


05:34 “I think with Pinterest, you can really have some fun with it, without it feeling too much like social media obligation and still get some traction from it.”

07:07 “So if you can curate really well, people will want to follow you because you have all of the best information in one place on a topic.”

15:18 “The point of Pinterest is leading you off the platform versus with Facebook and Instagram it’s to stay on the platform, it’s to go to these places.”

18:04 “How can I build this curated community of ideas where I’m, even if it’s somebody who sells something similar to you, you’re still willing to share their content with your people. I think it’s such a beautiful idea.”

21:21 “I would say definitely sending links to your Pinterest account could help you. And it’s also just really beneficial to your client that you have put together this information.”


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