Ask the Expert: Shondra Mattos IBCLC on SEO [PODCAST]

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Shondra Mattos is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, LLL Leader, and Owner of Mattos Lactation, a location-independent Lactation Practice. She also owns and operates SM Business + Marketing consulting- helping lactation professionals build a strong business foundation and develop strategies that lead to success. In addition to serving families and helping business owners, she helps established and aspiring LC’s gain a deeper understanding of complicated topics relevant to the lactation field and offers one-on-one and group tutoring to lactation students. When she is not nerding out on boob-related science, she spends her time hanging out with her husband and daughter, watching Youtube, and eating cookies.


03:02 How Shondra got started doing SEO

06:55 A realistic timeline for ranking on Google

13:28 Optimizing pictures for SEO on our website

14:28 Three common mistakes we make with our websites

22:11 Updating content to stay relevant for marketing


04:29 “SEO is like the strategies and the tactics that one can use to let Google know that your website or content is relevant towards your, like for your target market.

07:08 “So even from the time that you put your website up, even if you optimize that 100% perfectly, it may take a couple months anywhere from four to six months for your website to really get some traction.”

08:55 “You just have to make sure that the websites, the pages that you have are high quality, meaning that when people come to your website, they get the questions that they have answered.

14:08 “When they Google that website, because of the image, having those keywords in that will pop up on Google images and may bring your site as an option for the parent to select.”

23:57 “So now you’re getting a new wave of people coming to see that and the traffic increase to that blog post will tell Google, yay, this is super relevant.”


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