Coordinating Referrals Virtually with Dr. Amy Schecter, MD, IBCLC [PODCAST]

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Today Annie’s talking with breastfeeding medicine specialist Dr. Amy Schecter, MD, IBCLC about how we can be coordinating care for in-person services such as frenotomy while working with families virtually. She inspires us to remember that families are the decision makers, and that even virtually we can offer support and information that empowers them to meet their own goals.

Dr. Amy Schecter graduated from Brown University with a BS in psychology and MS and medical science and an MD. She began her training in general surgery, but after having her first child 13 years ago and navigating her own breastfeeding difficulties, she developed a passion for breastfeeding support.

Dr Schecter then shifted her career path to breastfeeding medicine in 2013. She started her lactation practice as an IB CLC doing home visits, then transitioned to working full time doing breastfeeding medicine. Dr Schecter has a private practice in Northern New Jersey where she specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of tethered oral tissues including tongue tie, lip tie and buccal ties. Dr Schecter is an experienced mother of four who successfully breastfed all of her children, including three with tongue ties.


03:51 Being able to examine a baby virtually

14:10 The patients are the ultimate decision makers

15:27 Most of the work is what happens at home

16:27 Aligning with referrals who hold the same values

18:32 A little support, even virtually, can go a long way


03:06 “And I think I’ve been surprised at just how much I can actually accomplish without having to see the patients directly in person.”

14:10 “I think it’s so important that you’re really making sure the families understand that they’re the decision makers here.”

14:55 “Hopefully if they set this visit up that they’ll leave the visit with a really good set of tools that they can be working on independently and really reminding them that a lot, or most of the work is really what you do at home.”

17:50 “And remember that right now during this time that the families who are contacting you are probably the ones who are most at risk right now for not being able to continue on otherwise.”

18:24 “If they feel desperate enough to try this virtually, anything that we can offer to them is going to be helpful. And even if it’s really just giving them that support to keep working on it, I think it’s going to go a long way.”


Dr. Amy’s website

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