Equity Statement and Resources

Lactation consultants and ethical integrity

As lactation professionals, our belief is that ethical, compassionate, and efficacious care for our clients is necessary for assisting them to reach their individual goals and to effect societal change in infant feeding practices and related health outcomes across populations. This requires us to strive for excellence and integrity in our use of technology, in the development of our business practices, and in our compliance with privacy and copyright laws.

Ethical integrity and equity

I believe that this is impossible without addressing racism, sexism, ableism, and all other forms of oppressive and inequitable attitudes that keep greedy, cruel, inhumane, and sadistic forces in power in society at the direct and quantifiable expense of black and brown people whose countries and cultures have been colonized over centuries. It is my personal and professional goal to be part of social progress that exposes power structures based upon privilege, inequaility, suppression, bias, exploitation, and control.

Equity and lactation consultants

I believe lactation consultants and all birth workers should prioritize dismantling those systems in our communications with each other, toward the greater outcome of inspiring each other to professional excellence that will reduce and one day eliminate the dreadful disparities in health outcomes and mortality rates for black and brown people.

LC the LC, Administrator of LACTWORLD and Upcoming Launch LacBoMa. Infant Feeding Specialist + Social Media and Equity Consultant.

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