Caring for Yourself During while Pivoting Your Business with Brandie Mitchell, BSN, RN, NC-BC [PODCAST]

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You started out with one business model, but for one reason or another you’ve had to make a shift. Maybe you’re adding a new service, or maybe you’re pivoting in an entirely different direction. Either way, transition is a challenge, and you need to make sure you’re giving yourself extra love to get it all done.

In this bonus episode of Ask the Expert, Leah interviews Brandie Mitchell, RN about her experience of pursuing a career and field she never thought she never thought she would see herself in – nurse coaching. She talks about what it has been like with pivoting her business to support her clients better in a more of a coaching capacity, as what was once a majority of her business with massage therapy has been put on hold.

She breaks down for us some of the simplest ways to get back to the basics with our self care. We almost couldn’t even believe how accessible she makes it feel for all of us!


02:38 Being called to pursue a different path

06:22 Gaining support and uncovering limiting beliefs

10:18 Dialing back to the most basic self care

10:47 Turning awareness into action

20:02 Pivoting to support others during uncertainty


05:53 “And we don’t even call them patients, we call them clients. So it’s more of a partnership.”

06:26 “It takes time and it takes support and accountability and really uncovering deeper roots of limiting beliefs and things that get in the way of us actually doing the things that we know are good for us.”

09:50 “I think it comes down to knowing ourselves and that includes all sides of ourselves. So knowing what sets us off, what really triggers us, knowing our very basic essential needs.”

10:47 “I bet there are a lot of folks listening who are very aware and once we’re aware then we got to transition that into action.”

18:12 “We’re so busy and going and doing and now we’re really being called to pull back and look inward and find out how we need to support ourselves because we have been faced with a different kind of challenge.”


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