Intentional Time Off with Brandie Mitchell RN, NC-BC [PODCAST]

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“There are principles that can guide us in a different way of living our lives that is actually so much more sustainable and so much more life-giving.”

—  Brandie Mitchell

Brandie Mitchell, RN, NC-BC was a recent speaker for our USLCA workshop, which was such a success, so we’re excited to rebroadcast this episode with her.

Do you find time to rest, like truly rest?

Because we hate to break it to you but having reality TV on in the background while writing emails doesn’t count as real rest!

In this episode, we are talking to Brandie Mitchell, RN, NC-BC about actually taking intentional time off from your business by looking at the cycles in our lives.

Brandie is a Board Certified Nurse Coach specializing in holistic, personalized health coaching for women ready to reclaim their health from autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, and fatigue. She also supports women during pregnancy and postpartum for a healthy and empowered transition into motherhood. Brandie empowers women and families to take ownership of their health, overcome anxiety and overwhelm, and move from where you are to where you want to be in your body, health, and life.

Listen now to discover:‌ ‌ 

  • Why rest is so important (3:45)
  • The different types of cycles in our lives (08:00)
  • The importance of setting boundaries (10:08)
  • How to plan for your energy levels (22:13)

“Rest is not equivalent to napping. You don’t have to go to sleep in order to rest. ”

—  Brandie Mitchell

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02:04  About Brandie Mitchell

03:21  Why is rest essential?

04:07  Cyclical living & benefits

05:36  Shift your mindset

08:00  Types of cycles

10:08  Boundaries & intentions

11:45  The science

15:00  Cycle examples

22:13  Plan for your energy levels

25:05  Gender & energy

26:26  Deeper Dives

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