Prenatal Visits [PODCAST]

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Today’s episode of Lactation Business Coaching with Annie and Leah is called “Prenatal Visits”. They talk about their thoughts on prenatal visits, how to logistically try and make them work for you, and how they can set a solid foundation for you and your client before the baby even arrives. We also find out why prenatals aren’t Annie’s favorite, but recognize that we don’t need to feel the pressure to offer every service in our business.

Annie and Leah dive into what prenatal visits mean to them and if either of them offer it as a service. Leahs shares her motivation tip for us today around not feeling the pressure and guilt of offering every service under the sun as lactation consultants.

They talk about how offering prenatal classes in your community could be a great way to market your business and develop rapport with clients before the baby even arrives. We learn some of the ways that getting that time and connection with the client before the baby arrives, could set the stage for a better experience overall.


01:02 Motivation tip: Don’t feel like you need to offer everything

03:51 Logistically making prenatal visits work

07:15 Deep diving into why it’s important for your client

18:08 Ways prenatal session can market your practice

19:07 Tech tip: Using G sites for client resources


03:16 “And I’m way more excited by troubleshooting someone’s actual situation than by educating them on a potential situation.”

05:38 “And, you know, it’s just so nice to catch them on that front end, before the baby’s even there and let them really kind of digest information in a quiet, peaceful way.”

07:15 “And I also love to really make sure that they are able to articulate why it’s important enough to them, that they hired someone to come one-on-one prenatally to talk with them like that, that speaks to a very deep need.”

09:43 “I really liked that because it’s coming in from a place where you’re not making any assumptions about what they want, what they know, where they want to take this.”

17:55 “Maybe there’s a possibility to come in and be the breastfeeding teacher for that childbirth educator and get access to their cohorts. Those can be really great relationships to facilitate.”

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