Ask the Expert: Tiara Caldwell on Social Media [PODCAST]

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Tiara Caldwell is a nurse, doula, and IBCLC in the DC metro area. She provides doula services, childbirth education and lactation help to  parents through her company Crowned & Cradled which she started in 2015. Early in her marketing endeavors, Tiara found the value in having a strong social media presence, and through that has explored different ways to engage her audience and speak to her ideal clients. As a mom of four, Tiara has learned ways to maximize the small windows of time in her day to make the biggest impact online. Her desire is to educate and encourage other professionals to throw out all the trendy influencer marketing techniques and be comfortable with their own unique voice.


02:41 The importance of having a social media presence

07:44 How to know which platform will serve you the best

10:23 Instagram vs Facebook and where to start

16:44 Why we don’t need to be the expert on everything

20:54 How to find your unique voice and stand out online


03:25 “And also a lot of times it’s free. So why not do something that will potentially expand your business, get you more comfortable with sharing about yourself and your business and get seen?”

10:06 “Facebook is a great way for people to see where your business is located, they can also see reviews of your business and just learn a little bit about you and your business without you having to do extra content creation.”

12:08 “We started just going through what we do on a day to day basis and would just write down the steps for each thing that we did and then that was kind of more your procedures. And then policies would come out of that.”

16:47 “I think what both points are is kind of a little bit of imposter syndrome. Like not feeling that you’re the expert or that the information that you’re providing is anything new.”

20:55 “So yeah, I definitely think that there are some creative ways that you could show your personality. But honestly, just being yourself is just fine.”

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