Combining Virtual Visits + In-Person Care [PODCAST]

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Annie and Leah talk in today’s episode about how the industry is shifting for IBCLC’s, and what it could look like to potentially offer a combination of both virtual visits and in person care. There are so many things that go into deciding what is best for yourself and your client when shifting in your business. They cover why a combination might be helpful, different variations for structuring the costs of your visits, and how you could plan out your week to best match your working style.


04:33 Offering virtual visits to even those close to you

07:19  What can be in person vs handled virtually

09:50 Creating packages and pricing the new style

12:30 Explaining the value of a combination to your clients

15:17 How to schedule your week to balance both styles


03:08 “But now the smart, sensible thing to do and certainly can really help us with time management and, and the economic impact is to be able to combine some of these virtual visits.”

05:42 “And they’re also meeting the needs of families who are living in areas where there is not an IBCLC, who is geographically available to see them that is a real need.”

08:18 “And I think in both models, it’s like, we’re kind of imagining that the in-person piece has a pretty small portion of the care and that most of it is going to be delivered virtually.”

15:56 “There are some really big advantages, but right now we’re thinking safety and really trying to promote the best safest care that we can give.”

18:39 “I think there’ll be ways that we can really serve the families who need our support and helping us think outside the box about creative ways that we can make that really beneficial to them as well.”


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