Bouncing Back when Life Issues Impact your Private Practice [PODCAST]

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“Life happens and we have to be very gentle with ourselves.”

—  Annie Frisbie

Sometimes events or issues in our personal lives affect our lives as business owners and IBCLCs. Today we are discussing how to bounce back when these things happen.

Let’s be honest, life happens and we can’t always prepare for things that happen but there are some things we can do ahead of time to make sure that our private practices and our clients are taken care of.

We are not always in the right mindset to handle these situations when we have an emergency going on or when we are sick so doing this now before an event happens will help not only your business but your peace of mind.

In this episode, we are sharing our stories of how we had to step back in our businesses along with all the mistakes we made.

Listen now to discover:‌ ‌ 

  • Why you should create policies and procedures for if you needed to step back from work (5:22)
  • The importance of networking with other local lactation consultants (8:33)
  • Focusing on yourself and your needs and trying to release the pressures around the clients’ needs or business needs (11:56)
  • How to handle when you are ready to go back to work (21:22)

“It’s so much more valuable to focus on what you need to be healthy and well or what your family might need to be healthy and well and in a good place. Then focus on your business after.”

—  Leah Jolly

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5:22 – Creating policies and procedures for when you have to step back from work

8:33 – Importance of networking

11:56 – Focusing on yourself and not your business

15:02 – Knowing your numbers

21:22 – When you are ready to go back to work

25:00 – Taking time for yourself

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