Safety Policies for In-Person Visits with Bryna Sampey, IBCLC [PODCAST]

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In this bonus episode of Ask the Expert, Annie & Leah interview lactation consultant, doula, and educator Bryna Sampey IBCLC about her policies and safety procedures for in-person consults. Bryna shares with us how she protects her clients and team, as well the role telehealth plays in caring for families and working with lactation interns. We cover sanitization, personal protective equipment (PPE), and managing all of the complicated emotions that come up when thinking about in-person services when the world feels so scary.

Bryna Sampey is an educator, mentor, lactation consultant and doula. She has been working with families since 2006, becoming IBCLC certified in 2010, and organizing professional education opportunities since 2012. She has undertaken additional training and continuing education in the areas of oral restriction management, Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT), Primitive Reflexes in infants, TummyTime™, cultural congruency and competency, and counseling strategies.

Bryna is also certified in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (infant and adult). In her doula work, she specializes in high risk and surgical births. Bryna is a member of the queer community and holds a special love for LGBTQIA+ families facing lactation puzzles in their family lives.


03:05 Working in a team setting vs solo

06:12 Utilizing tele-health as much as possible first

07:48 Sanitizing procedures between visits

15:10 Why starting home visits will be different for everyone

21:54 Having policies on paper for staff and clients to see


04:32 “It’s second nature to me because I can’t imagine like having spent all of this time and energy, like growing this knowledge and this practice without then turning around and sharing it with the next person who’s coming up”

06:12 “And then we can go from there so we can kind of triage. We can do as much as we can on tele-health. And then we save only the parts that we have to do in person for, in person.”

14:53 “I think that you’ll find the moment for you where it’s harder for you to not see somebody, than to see them. And I think you have to find that spot for yourself because I think if you push it, the anxiety and stress is going to impact your practice too much.”

23:15 “It just feels really good to say this is a proactive choice that I’m making. And not just like a fear based, I don’t know what to do, decision.”

24:37 “If you really don’t want to be there deep down like your visit. I mean, it’s going to show that they’re going to pick that up. They’re going to feel that. And then what’s the point of our care. If we can’t really be there to be helpful.”


Bryna’s website

Bryna on IG

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