Sparking Joy with a Private Practice Cleanout [PODCAST]

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“I’m often in the situation where I’m trying to stop myself from letting go of something in order to replace it with something else… I get that shiny object syndrome.”

—  Annie Frisbie

‘Sparking joy’ became a nationwide sensation after clutter consultant Marie Kondo’s show Tidying Up landed on Netflix in 2019. Her de-cluttering KonMari method is based on the idea that you should throw away anything that doesn’t bring you joy —and this method isn’t just for effective for de-cluttering your home, but your private practice workflow as well!

Are there aspects of your private practice that don’t bring you joy? Do they leave you feeling overwhelmed or burnt out? Are they taking up space that could create room for exciting new opportunities? Is there literal clutter in your office that distracting you from staying focused?

It’s important to regularly take a moment to reflect on what we have and what we use in our private practice, whether that’s our tools, our software subscriptions, our systems, our commitments – even down to the language in our intake forms!

If your plate or your consult bag are too full, you need to stop and consider what sparks joy… and what you should consider setting aside.

Listen now to discover:‌ ‌ 

  • How to figure out what’s serving you in your business and what’s weighing you down

  • The right and wrong way to set up systems in your business – illustrated by a practical example

  • The importance of reaching outside of your business to get a new perspective 

“There are times where you might come to a crossroads and maybe a new opportunity has come up for you… but that might mean you need to clean out what you’re doing so that you have space for that.”

—  Leah Jolly


02:00  KonMari method & private practice

03:10  You don’t need ALL the tools

04:12  Reflecting on what you have & use

05:19  Reviewing your forms

08:13  Space for new opportunities

09:38  Systems clean-out

10:49  Steps for system improvement

14:18  Reaching out to others

16:44  What’s gathering dust?

19:00  The eyeglasses example

22:08  Recap & summer plans

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