Supporting Self Care and Boundaries in Your Practice [PODCAST]

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“I know that my mood and my energy and my sleep and everything is improved when I’m exercising.”

—  Annie Frisbie

Life is stressful enough. As our audience knows, life as a business owner is even more stressful.

But dealing with life as a business owner while in the middle of a pandemic? You need to have a strong commitment to self care in order to keep yourself healthy, balanced, and happy.

While many people think of self care as spa days or long yoga classes, effective self care doesn’t have to take up an entire afternoon or cost you any money. There are many small things that you can fit into your schedule each day to maintain a healthy balance and keep you calm and centered.

This episode is all about reducing (and preventing) stress through easy-to-implement self care hacks. We share our top tips and habits for stress reduction and prevention — we talk about how to set and maintain effective boundaries, the importance of honoring your energy levels, how to tap into what your mind and body truly need, and the vital role of your community in self care.

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Take a sip of water (hydration is self care!) and press play!

Listen now to discover:‌ ‌

  • Our top 6 self care hacks for achieving a healthier work-life balance (especially in a pandemic)

  • How scheduling and goal-setting can help you fit self care into the busiest schedule

  • The importance of listening to your mind and body to figure out what you actually need on any given day

“We need a lot more of supporting ourselves through this time than maybe we’re used to doing.”

—  Leah Jolly


00:59  Self care & pandemic stress

01:51  May 12 Deeper Dive & community

03:43  In-person v virtual visits & hydration

07:57  Self care hack: exercise

10:48  Self care hack: set goals & listen to self

13:01  Self care hack: set boundaries

17:45  Self care hack: honor energy

20:15  Self care hack: care for each other

23:49  Outro

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Leah Jolly is a private practice IBCLC with Bay Area Breastfeeding in Houston, Texas. Annie Frisbie is a private practice IBCLC serving Queens and Brooklyn in New York City, and the creator of Paperless Lactation.

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