Planning…and not planning [PODCAST]

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“There isn’t one way to plan or set a goal.”

—  Annie Frisbie


Are you striving to find a balance between setting goals and avoiding New Year’s resolutions?  

Setting goals doesn’t have to be a stressful experience!

In this episode, we discussed how taking the time to slow down instead of hastily cutting corners can help save time in the long run and the importance of setting aside time to plan.

It’s time to rebel against New Year’s resolutions pressures and find balance in setting goals for your private practice!

Listen now to discover:‌ ‌ 

  • Why a “More of/Less of” list can help you prioritize what is important (3:17)
  • The importance of taking the time to set intentions, plan, and prioritize your day-to-day activities with more intention (6:04)
  • How slowing down can help you do more (7:11)
  • Using other skillsets to help in your lactation business (11:44)

“Slow down to do’s how we enjoy our lives.”

—  Leah Jolly

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3:17 – More of/Less of list

5:51 – Upcoming Deeper Dive

7:11 – Slowing down

10:01 – The Primary Planner

11:44 – Using other skillsets

12:46 – February’s Deeper Dive

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Leah Jolly is a private practice IBCLC with Bay Area Breastfeeding in Houston, Texas. Annie Frisbie is a private practice IBCLC serving Queens and Brooklyn in New York City, and the creator of the Lactation Consultant Private Practice Toolkit.

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